Electric Oil Heater Skid

  • Customized to meet specific requirements
  • Various Pump Options
  • Variable Speed Available
  • Programmable Temperature Controller
  • Flow Switch De-energizes Heaters on Loss of Flow Conditions
  • NEMA 4 Control Panel
  • Explosion Proof Available
  • Heater Selector Switches
  • PLC Controlled
  • 16 KW Increments
  • Large Microglass Coreless Filter Element
  • Skid with Drip Lip and Forklift Guides

Coreless Filter Element
Oil Heater Skid Control Panel


The HS Series electric oil heater skid is ideal for heating all types of oil, including lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and insulating oil. Heater skids can be designed with or without pumps. Pump options include variable frequency drives (VFD) for maximum flow rate flexibility. The digital temperature controller allows for easy temperature control, for both process oil temperature and high temperature alarm(s). Heaters are protected by a flow switch that will shut the heaters off under loss of flow conditions. Low watt density fin tube heaters are available in increments of 16 KW. Heater skids include ßx[c]≥1000 layered glass fiber absolute coreless oil filters to maintain oils’ ISO cleanliness code.

Electric Oil Heater Skid Filter Vessels


• Transformer Oil
• Insulating Oil
• Lubricating Oil
• Hydraulic Oil
• Gear Oil
• Preservative


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Tank heater packages are also available. These systems are ideal when oil storage is required. These systems include immersion heaters and inline heaters, pumps, control panel and filtration.

Tank Heater System

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