Filtramag – High Intensity Magnetic Filter


Cut Costs


  • Eliminate Disposal Costs
  • Extend Life of Downstream Filters
  • Extend Fluid Life
  • Improve Quality

  • Increase Part Accuracy
  • Improve Part Finish
  • Reduce Maintenance

  • Reduce Part & Machinery Wear

High intensity magnetic filter

The Filtramag magnetic filter removes ferrous, carbide, stainless steel and grinding media contamination from the coolants you use in cutting and grinding.Filtramag removes particles as small as sub–micron size, smaller than can be extracted by traditional filters.The removal of these particles results in longer fluid life, improves the surface finish of your products, increases component accuracy and reduces wear on your machinery and tools.Filtramag uses permanent magnets so does not require power to operate and is always working. It has no moving parts and does require maintenance.No consumables are used – contamination is quickly and easily removed as a dry ‘cake’ that can be easily disposed of as scrap without losing expensive fluid.The Filtramag is available with a core of three or six high-intensity ‘rare earth’ magnetic rods with 11,000 Gauss magnetic performance.


  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Inline Pressure Feed Lines
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Fine Detail Machining


HOW Filtramag WORKS

Filtramag_img_13Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.37.57 AM

Contaminated fluid enters the Filtramag via the inlet port and travels through the matrix of rods which attract and hold the contamination. Clean fluid leaves the Filtramag at the outlet port.

The configuration of the rods means that pressure is always maintained even when the Filtramag is full of contamination.

Back pressure, which causes bursts socks or cartridges, does not occur.

To clean the Filtramag simply lift out the cartridge and remove the contamination from the rods using the supplied tool.

High Flow / Heavy Viscosity Applications

For processes with high levels of contamination, have high fluid flow rates, use high viscosity fluids or operate continuously, multiple Filtramag filters can be installed in parallel using a manifold.

Each Filtramag can be isolated, using a manual valve, and cleaned, without stopping the process.

For fully-automated continuous filtration we supply the Automag self-purging magnetic filter.

Removed contamination is purged from the Automag on a timed cycle. The contamination and fluid are collected by a secondary separator which leaves contamination as a recyclable ‘semi-dry cake’ and allows fluid to be reused.

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