Industrial Filtration

High Purity Northwest is your single source solutions provider for all of your industrial filtration needs.  As a distributor and a manufacturer of industrial filtration equipment, we customize solutions for total and complete customer satisfaction.

Two Stage Filter Skid

Having decades of experience, we offer competitive cross referencing for all types of filters.  We pay attention to the original specification of the filter we are replacing so that the integrity of the filter is not compromised while saving you money.  We


As a manufacturer, we package any of our filtration options onto a skid and offer a complete solution.  Contact us today with your requirements.

Bag Filter Housings

Standard bag sizes are available for quick ship.  Materials of construction include carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  Housings can be included on a customized filtration skid.

Cartridge Filters & Housings

Many options available.  Some available for quick ship.  Housing can be skid mounted in many configurations for a custom industrial filtration solution.

Oil Filtration

Our specialty.  Many oil filtration system options available for any application.

Hydraulic Filtration

Vacuum dehydrators and filtration options for removing contaminants from hydraulic oil.

Water Filtration

Cartridge filter, bag filters, complete industrial water filtration systems and oil/water separator systems.

Diesel Fuel Filtration

Complete fuel conditioning system options for maintaining diesel fuel cleanliness for today’s strict cleanliness standards.  We offer filter/separator coalescing vessels, particulate vessels, duplex systems and complete fuel filtration systems for today’s toughest tier 4 engine fuel cleanliness standards.

Oil/Water Separators

Complete oil/water separation solutions that include skimmers, pump packages, pre filtration, oil/water separation and final polishing oil removal to solve most any free and mechanically emulsified oil problem.

Separator Duty Pumps

Clarification Separator

Magnetic Filtration

Great for honing and grinding.  Excellent pre-filters where ferrous particulate is present.

Micromag – Compact Magnetic Filter

Filtramag – High Intensity Magnetic Filter

Fluid Engineering Strainers & Gas Filtration

Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers, Simplex Basket Strainers, Duplex Basket Strainers, Temporary Cone Strainers, Y-Strainers and more.  Also customer manufacturers of gas filter/separator coalescing and filtration equipment.

Air/Natural Gas Filters

Turbine Air Intake Filters

GE Gas & Steam Turbine Filters

We specialize in supplying high quality replacement filters for the power industry that meet or exceed OEM standards.

Compressed Air Filters

Air intake filters, air/oil separators and oil filters for all types of air compressors.

HVAC & Replacement Air Filters

All types of replacement air filters for hospitals, large buildings, power plants and manufacturing plants.

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