Compressed Air Filters

High Purity Northwest is your one stop shop for replacement air compressor filters, air/oil separators, compressor oil and compressed air filters.  We offer replacement for all major air compressor and vacuum pump manufacturers.

Air Intake Filter Panels

air intake

air intake2Both first stage and second stage panels for compressor, blower and turbine air intakes.  Our panels are interchangable with original equipment manufacturers and feature rugged construction and long life.

Molded & Sewn End Air Intake Filter Elements

moldedA complete cross reference list of all major compressor and filter manufacture part numbers is available in both molded end and sewn end filter elements.

We offer a broad range of molded end sizes…Overall heights to 40″, outside diameters to 36″, and inside diameters from 1″ to 30″. (If you need larger, please call for specific information.) They can handle air/gas flows to 20,000 CFM. Some provide particle retentions down to 99.9% at 0.1 µ (micron).

molded2Sewn End Style – Cylindrical, Double Open Ended (DOE) with attached textile gasket seal, perforated steel center core (as opposed to inferior expanded metal of others). Filter media is sewn or ultrasonically bonded over a pleated woven wire cage. Sewn end style filter elements can serve in high temperatures (700+°F with all glass filter media) or environments with aggressive chemistry that might otherwise degrade filters with molded ends.

Replacement Air Intake Filter Housings

replacement air intakeWe offer a complete line of both panel type and element style air intake filter housings with or without silencers.  Connections sizes are available up to 24″

 Air/Oil Separators

air-oil separatorsWe offer replacement air/oil separators for all major compressor manufacturers.  We offer standard oil separator styles.  Pleated, for a 2X air flow capacity over standard style.  Deep Filter styles for increased air flow capacities. Spin on styles.  Additionally, we offer replacement oil separators for natural gas and ammonia compressors.

Call us with your part numbers.

Lube Oil Filters

lube oilWe offer replacement lube oil filters for all major compressor and filter manufacturers.  We carry both spin on and cartridge/element type. Additionally, we offer filter upgrades for increased efficiency and oil cleanliness.

Synthetic Lubricants

High Purity Northwest offers a full range of PAO, diester and polyglycol based compressor lubricants, designed to match the most difficult compressor application. Continual testing and research combines to ensure that the most effective oil additives are used in order to virtually eliminate such common problems as foaming, oxidation and deposit formation.

Pressure Filters

pressure filtersWe offer a full line of ASME Code vessels for coalescing and particulate removal from compressed air and gas streams.  Pressure ranges are available from 175 PSIG to 1480 PSIG.

We offer a full line of instrument air replacement filter housings for the removal of particulate, moisture and oil.