Fuel Filtration

High Purity Northwest offers a large variety of filtration and separation options for cleaning and conditioning diesel and biodiesel.  We offer filters for removing dirt, particulate and water from fuel.  Filtration levels below 6 microns to meet strict ISO 4406 cleanliness standards.  We cover all mining, transportation, terminals, power generation, bulk fuel storage and retail fuel filtration applications from 5 GPM up to over 5,000 GPM.


pleatedOur pleated multi layer micro-glass filter elements provide high flow rates, low pressure drops and Beta rated efficiencies to ISO 16889 to meet strict ISO cleanliness codes resulting in longevity of diesel engine components.  We offer filter housings for bulk handling and point of use.

Particulate and Water Removal

particulateWater removal by coalescing, sometimes referred to as liquid-to-liquid coalescing, removes water mechanically. Water within the fuel bonds with the fibers within the coalescing elements. The small water droplets grow as they pass through the filter structure becoming so large that when they complete passing through the coalescing element, gravity pulls them toward the bottom of the housing.

We offer individual filter housings as well as complete skid packages.

Particulate & Water Prevention – Absorption

aquaconVelcon’s Aquacon® cartridges, with water absorptive media, chemically traps the water within its structure while also filtering particulates from the fuel. Velcon’s Aquacon®series cartridges are ideal when working with biodiesel and surfactant latent fuels.  Velcon’s Aquacon® Diesel is available primarily as a water absorption filter or as both a water absorption and high grade ISO filter.

Additionally, we offer water absorptive material with any of our micro-glass filtration options as well as spin on filters.

We can size filter housings for any of water absorptive filter element options.

Custom Fuel Conditioning Systems

customThe FFC Series is an ideal solution for keeping bulk fuels clean and dry. The FFC Series Family of systems are available in a variety of process flow rates and with numerous options and are designed to keep fuel in bulk storage tanks in pristine condition and ready for reliable service.

The FFC Series is ideal for diesel fuel storage tanks for standby power generation or any application where fuel in storage tanks may be contaminated with water and particulate matter.  Continuous removal of water is critical in the prevention of bio growth and sludge build up in bulk fuel storage tanks and absolutely necessary for critical back up power generation systems.

The FFC Series available with options such as:
• Filter/Separator Coalescing Vessel
• Filter Vessel for Particulate Removal
• Automatic Water Drain
• Water Absorptive Cartridges
• Automatic Air Vent
• Automatic Water Drain (select models)
• Flow Rates from 5 GPM to 200 GPM

Fuel Condition Monitoring & Control

velconThe ability to measure and monitor the quality of the diesel fuel throughout the process is key to assuring the fuel being delivered continually meets specification. High Purity Northwest offers a wide range of Velcon’s products for in-process fuel monitoring allows you to ensure that fuel quality meets your equipments’ operating specification.  Options include real time sampling, bottle sampling, portable particle counters and online particle counters with moisture monitors.