Hydraulic Filtration

High Purity Northwest is a leader in hydraulic filtration.  We manufacture hydraulic filtration equipment and packaged systems.  With over 20 years experience in crossing hydraulic filters, we have extensive knowledge and know how to supply your replacement hydraulic filter needs quickly, economically, and accurately.  We work only with suppliers that use state-of the art medias and manufacturing techniques.  Email or call us with your hydraulic filter part numbers; we will respond quickly with cross reference information.

We manufacture:

  • hydraulic power units
  • oil tank storage and dispensing systems
  • vacuum dehydrators
  • filter carts
  • kidney loop filtration systems
  • oil filtration machines and equipment for all industries

Cross reference hydraulic filter cartridges and elements from all manufacturers.  Large selection of oil filter vessels and housing assemblies available to solve any oil filtration problem.

Vacuum Dehydrators

vacuumVacuum dehydration, for hydraulic filtration, removes water from oil by pulling the heated oil under a vacuum, reducing the boiling  point of water.  Water is flashed off in the vacuum chamber (as steam) where it is condensed and collected in a condensate tank.  Our vacuum dehydrators are sate of the art, easy to use and robust.  We use only quality materials to insure longevity and trouble free service.  We only use stainless steel for our vacuum chambers and condensate pots.  We use high pressure stainless steel hydraulic tubing.  Our PLC operates all functions of the machine.  Very little training is required with our vacuum oil purifiers; one button start and shut down functions.  Our deep vacuum insures water removal to <20ppm.  Flow rates are available from 5 GPM to 100 GPM.

Filter Carts

filter cartsWe manufacture a variety of filter carts, including spin on filters and core-less filter element designs.  We offer light weight and heavy duty designs.  Filter options from water absorptive to multi layered micro-glass to tackle and portable filter cart application.





Kidney Loop Filtration

kidney loopHigh Purity Northwest offers several options of kidney loop filtration systems and offline filtration systems.  Our kidney loop filtration system is ideal for removing solid particulate down to ISO 14/11/8 or better, as well as water.  Additional filter options allow for the removal of soft particles, sludge, varnish and acid from oil reservoirs.

Our offline filtration systems are commonly used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to maintain clean and dry oil in the reservoir of governor control systems. Kidney loop filtration is also ideal for hydraulic oil, gear oil, refrigeration oil, and control oil systems.


Hydraulic Filter Elements

replacement filterOur pleated multi layer micro-glass filter elements provide high flow rates, low pressure drops and Beta rated efficiencies to ISO 16889 to meet strict ISO cleanliness codes resulting in longevity of hydraulic components.  Our hydraulic filter cross reference abilities include cellulose, microglass, anti-static spark discharge and stainless steel.

We offer cross referencing for all major manufacturers including Baldwin, Keene, Clarke-Reliance, Mahle, Cuno, Mann & Hummel, Donaldson, Marvel, Ebbco, Mycom, Eldorado Tool, National Filtration, EPE, Pall, Fairey Arlon, Parker, Filterdyne, Peco, Filter-Mart, PTI, Flo-Line, Purolator, Fluitek, Refilco, Fram, Royal, Frick, Separation Tech., General, Schroeder, G.E., Stauff, Gresen, Sunnen, Hilco, Taisei Kogyo, Hycoa, Velcon, Hycon, Vickers, Hydac, Vilter, Hypro, Western Filter, InduFil, Zinga, Internormen, Kaydon, more…



Low Pressure Hydraulic Filter Assemblies

Moduflow™ Series

low pressure hydraulic filterThe Moduflow filter is widely considered the most versatile filter available on the market.  These low pressure assemblies are good for hydraulic filtration applications up to 200 PSI.  The patented end cap minimizes turbulence and pressure loss through the filter, improving system performance.

The newly designed closed bottom elements for the RFP and ILP models insures all contamination remains trapped within the element as the filter is serviced.

Medium Pressure Hydraulic Assemblies


medium pressure hydraulicThe IL8 series filters are excellent choices for your demanding applications whether you require simplex, duplex or quadplex assemblies.  These are good for both hydraulic filtration and lube oil filtration.  High Purity NW offers excellent pricing on these assemblies.

Wherever high flow or high capacity filters are required, the IL8 series can be applied with confidence.  Filter housings have a simple yet critical job… securely contain the filter element with positive internal sealing.

The IL8 series filter housings are the result of careful engineering.  High grade materials are used to provide strength at critical stress points.  The cover and base are annodized aluminum, the handle is nickel plated ductile iron and the bowl is rugged carbon steel. The result is a reliable high performance filter for an array of applications.

15/40/80CN Series

15-40-80 cn seriesParker “CN” series filters fills the need for an economical, medium pressure range filter with excellent fatigue pressure ratings. Prior to the availability of the “CN” filter, applications such as those listed were restricted by limitations of a spin-on can, or forced into the higher cost range of high pressure hydraulic filters.  The “CN” series fills this gap, and now with the newly increased fatigue rating from 550 to 800 psi, the applications are expanded.

High Pressure Hydraulic Filtration Assemblies


21 series6,000 PSI Rated
Proof Pressure 9,000 PSI
Burst Pressure 24,000 PSI
1” Hex 304 Stainless Steel

These economic filters are ideal for test stands, meters, gauges, relief valves, pneumatic systems and hydraulic filtration systems where space is limited.  Various micron ratings are available from 2 to 300 micron in wire mesh and .2 to 200 micron in sintered metal.


31 seriesOtherwise referred to as pencil filters, these 6,000 PSI rated filters are available in 303, 316 and 17-4PH stainless steel.  Various media options are available including 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel sintered and micro-glass.


41 seriesThese 10,000 PSI rated filters are available in 316 and 17-4PH stainless steel.  Connection sizes are 1/4″ NPT.  Various media options are available including 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel sintered and micro-glass.  Commonly used for high pressure hydraulic filtration.


51 seriesThese 20,000 PSI rated filters are available in aluminum and stainless steel.  Connection sizes are 1/4″ – 1½”.  Various media options are available including cellulose, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel sintered and micro-glass.  Commonly used for high pressure hydraulic filtration.


15p-30p seriesModern high pressure hydraulic filtration systems are demanding. Better controls and long component life are expected. To deliver the high standards of performance, hydraulic components are built with tighter tolerances which increases their sensitivity to contamination.

That’s where Parker pressure filters come into play. They filter out ingressed contamination before it jams a valve or scores a cylinder. They block pump generated debris before it gets to servo or proportional valves.  Parker pressure hydraulic filters are a key ingredient in meeting today’s hydraulic filtration system demands.


50p seriesThe 50P series allows you to customize each filter to closely match your needs. Choose the options which best fit your application. No need to waste money on features you don’t need.

The 50P series filters are base mounted, which provides several possible advantages. The bowl up mounting makes servicing the elements quick and easy. Simply remove the top cover to access the element. A drain port is provided to allow oil be removed from filter prior to element servicing. This design reduces the possibility of oil spillage and injury to maintenance personnel.  The 50P series has optional manifold porting for space saving design that reduces the number of fittings and potential leak points. The porting is also designed to match the installation of many other manufacturers. Most important, the 50P series meets the SAE HF4 automotive standard.