Turbine Air Intake Filters

High Purity Northwest offers several options for replacement turbine air intake filters. We carry panel and cylindrical cartridge style.

Cartridge Style

cartridgeCylindrical cartridge media options include:

  • Spider Life – Dual layer composition employs tiny nanofibers on the surface of the media to provide extremely high initial efficiency with minimal pressure drop. Surface loading of dust results in improved pulse cleaning and extended filter life.
  • Thermo Life – 100% Synthetic media delivers reliable filtration and excellent moisture resistance. Also available in conjunction with high efficiency nanofiber layer.
  • Moisture Master – Resin impregated cellulose media provides optimal moisture resistance and high efficiency. Great when high humidity or direct moisture are present.
  • Enduro Life – Durable and economical media provides higher efficiency and better cleanability than conventional cellulose.

Panel Style

DuraMAX 4v™

panelThe DuraMAX is a rigid, extended surface air filter, engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter life cycles, even in the most difficult environments. The durable, rugged, construction of the DuraMAX make it the filter of choice in filtration systems with high velocities or variable air volumes. DuraMAX Filters are constructed with a 100% plastic frame and are completely incinerable.

DuraMAX provides an unequaled combination of low pressure drop and high efficiency through the use of our unique minipleat design. This high capacity minipleat design allows a nominal 24x24x12 filter to incorporate 194 square feet of filter media. This increased extension of the media surface area insures low pressure drop, and low resistance to airflow means lower energy costs to the user.

Another benefit of the increased media area is extremely high Dust Holding Capacity, which significantly prolongs the service life of the filter. Fewer filter changes translate into substantially reduced maintenance and disposal costs.

The DuraMAX 4V are available in five ASHRAE efficiencies — 65, 75, 85, 95 and 98%.

DuraMAX 2v High Efficiency Minipleat Filter

duamaxThe DuraMAX 2v is an extended surface air filter engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles in office buildings, hospitals, paint booths and all types of commercial and industrial HVAC applications. The DuraMAX 2v is completely incinerable after use.

What makes the DuraMAX 2v unique and different? The new 2v design offers all the benefits of our other high performance minipleat filters, but contains approximately 110 ft2 of filter media. The reduced media area makes the 2v model an economical alternative in applications where a minipleat filter is desired but initial purchase price is of utmost concern.


Gas Turbine Inlet Filters

maxi-cellExtended surface, high efficiency barrier filter designed for maximum
performance in even the most extreme atmospheric conditions.

Dual-layered microfiberglass media with Double-Edge¯ corrugated
aluminum separators. (Available with coated separators for highly corrosive environments).

Galvanized steel cell sides with expanded metal faceguards on air entry and air exit sides. Single header or Double header configurations.

ASHRAE Efficiencies: 65% and 95%.
MERV Rating: 11-15

Multi-Sak™ HD

multi-sak heavy dutyHeavy Duty Pocket Filters

  • High efficiency Final Filter and medium efficiency Prefilter models available.
  • Progressively dense synthetic media is ideal for humid environments.
  • Durable, self-supporting pockets retain rigid shape in airstream.
  • Pockets designed for maximum air flow, low pressure drop, and superior dust holding capacity.
  • Triple-Lock™ Frame-to-Pocket sealing method insures durability in difficult environments.
  • ASHRAE Efficiencies: 65% and 95%.
  • MERV Rating: 11–15

Multi-Pleat™ GT

multi-pleatMERV 8 Pleated Panel Air Filters for Gas Turbine Applications

  • Upgraded performance and efficiency
  • MERV 8 performance rating
  • Upstream support fingers for improved stability
  • Wet-strength beverage-board frame construction
  • Heavy-duty expanded metal support grid

The Koch Multi-Pleat™ GT pleated air filter offers upgraded prefilter performance in gas turbine applications.

Multi-Pleat GT filters are specifically designed for use as a prefilter in gas turbine applications to help extend the life of more expensive final filters. Durable and efficient, the Multi-Pleat GT is an ideal choice for many gas turbine applications.

Low pressure drop/high efficiency

The Multi-Pleat GT carries a MERV 8 fractional performance rating in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2007 and has an initial pressure drop of less than .25″ water gage. This combination of performance and low resistance to airflow make it a superior upgrade to conventional pleated filters and media pads.

Durable construction

The Multi-Pleat GT is constructed of a double wall, wet-strength beverage-board frame with reinforced corners. The MERV 8 synthetic media is laminated to heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized wire to form a rigid media pack. The media pack is bonded to all sides of the frame ensuring consistent pleat configuration and total media utilization. This bond helps promote durability during its service life and helps to eliminate the possibility of air bypass. Two rows of pleat stabilizing fingers on the upstream side help maintain pleat spacing in difficult conditions.


Extended Surface Minipleat Filters

  • micro maxMinipleat Design
  • Beverage Board or Metal Frame
  • Three Efficiency Ranges
    90-95% (MERV 14)
    80-85% (MERV 13)
    60-65% (MERV 11)
  • Compact 4″ Depth
  • Lightweight Construction

The Koch MicroMAX is an extended surface minipleat filter designed for use in a wide variety of air filtration systems. The MicroMAX offers a unique combination of high efficiency and low pressure drop making it the ideal filter for use in any standard HVAC system.

The added advantages of its compact 4″ depth and lightweight-yet-rigid construction also give the MicroMAX unsurpassed capability to perform in more specialized and difficult applications.

Synthetic Air Filter Media

A complete line of pads, blankets and bulk rolls

synthetic airKoch offers nine styles of Synthetic Air Filter Media for use in air filtration systems of all types.

This broad spectrum of products is designed for use in Koch Pad Frames, and is also available in bulk rolls for customers preferring to cut their own pads. Koch Synthetic Air Filter Media is primarily used as a prefilter for more expensive final filters, often extending the life-cycle of these final filters by 50% or more. Other popular applications include gas turbine air intake systems, commercial/ industrial central air handlers, unit ventilators, fan coil units, or any system where fiberglass or other filtering materials are not preferred.

Regardless of system design, Koch offers a Synthetic Air Filter Media to meet the requirement.

Type SS5 is the standard 1⁄2″ media for use as a prefilter in 1″ applications. The media is solid white in color and is available in pads or 135′ bulk rolls. SS5 is completely dry to the touch. With a nominal loft of 1⁄2″ and a weight of 4 ounces per square yard, SS5 is an excellent media for use in 1″ frames and blanket installations.

Type SS10 is an all white, completely dry media consisting of polyester fibers. SS10 is the most versatile uses of any media in the SS series. The pad or blanket has a nominal loft of 1″ and a weight of 6 ounces per square yard. This media can be used as a prefilter in a 2″ frame or blanket installation where clean air and reliability are paramount. The media is available in pads or 90′ bulk rolls.

Type MD-10 is a nominal one inch, specially processed polyester media for 1″ applications. This media is an excellent all-polyester replacement for fiberglass in service applications or any situation where a polyester media is desirable. MD-10 is dry, light blue in color and has a weight of 6 ounces per square yard. It is available in pads or 90′ bulk rolls.

Type MD-20 is a specially processed polyester media which has the widest range of uses of any synthetic media on the market today. MD-20 is a nominal 11⁄2″ inches thick and consists of thousands of tough, durable fibers. Ideal for service applications as a superior substitute for fiberglass, MD-20 is available in pads or 45′ bulk rolls. The media is furnished without tackifier and is light blue in color.

Type SPT5 is nominal 1⁄2″ thick airlayed polyester media with a weight of 4 ounces per square yard. The media is white in color with a blue tint on the downstream side. This blue tinted area is treated with a dry tackifier to enhance dust holding capacity. The media is available in pads or 135′ bulk rolls. SPT5 is an ideal media for 1″ frame or blanket installations where upgraded dust holding capacity is needed.

Type SPT10 is an airlayed polyester media with a nominal thickness of 1″ and a weight of 6.8 ounces per square yard. This media has the widest range of uses in the SPT series. SPT10 is available in pads or 90′ bulk rolls and is white in color with a blue tint on the downstream side. An excellent media for 2″ frames, this media has a dry tackifier on the blue tinted side to enhance media performance.

Type SPT30 has the highest performance possibilities of any media in the SPT series. SPT30 is a 2″ thick airlayed polyester colored white with blue tint and dry tackifier applied to the air existing side. With a weight exceeding 11 ounces per square yard, SPT30 is effective in applications where media strength, durability, and dust holding are primary concerns. The media is available in pads or 45′ bulk rolls.

Type SPT-550 is a dual density “antimicrobial” all white media with dry tackifier on the downstream side. SPT-550 is a nominal 1” thick 15/45 denier fiber on the upstream side and 6/15 denier on the downstream side, needled media. SPT-550 comes in pads and slit-to-size rolls. This ultra loft polyester media is an excellent choice in applications where extremely high dirt loads and high efficiencies are required. Rolls are available in 84” x 90” master rolls.

Type STK10 is a nominal 1⁄2″ needled media which is ideal for use in paint spray booths exhaust systems, air washers and other blanket installations. STK10 is purple and red in color with a weight of 9 ounces per square yard. A major advantage of this specialty media is its ability to be cleaned, washed and reused without losing strength or efficiency.

DuraGlove Cube Prefilter

  • duragloveThe DuraGlove Prefilter is designed to prolong the lifecycle of the DuraMAX 4v Final Filter (see photo above) in reverse-mount installations.
  • Reverse-mount installations, in which DuraMAX 4v Final Filters are installed with the “V’s” as the air entry side, are common in inlet housings where limited space makes it difficult to install a separate bank of prefilters.
  • The DuraGlove is constructed with durable synthetic filter media formed into a cube configuration and fits snugly onto the air entry face of the DuraMAX 4v.
  • Several standard sizes are available.

ASHRAE Efficiency: 30%–35%