Dedicated and Portable Filtration Systems


New Design FTC Filter Cart

Our new FTC Filter Cart is industrially designed for years of reliable service in harsh environments.  Check out our product literature of more details:


FTC Oil Transfer Product Literature

50 GPM Filter with Heat & Moisture Monitor

10 GPM Filter Cart


10 GPM Filter/Water Removal System

15 GPM Kidney Loop Filter


The FTC & KL families of systems are available in a wide range of process flow rates and configurations and are designed and built to remove particulate matter and/or free water from oils. These systems may also include adsorptive medias to remove organic contaminants or unwanted dissolved compounds.

The FTC Systems are portable and may be used to filter or transfer oil or they can be used to treat oil in a specific reservoir. These systems are easy to move and come standard with locking casters and push handles. The smaller systems are built on a heavy duty hand truck chassis for easy portability and storage.

KL Systems are skid mounted and designed to sit next to or on top of a specific oil tank or reservoir and provide dedicated full time filtration and oil polishing. They are ideal for governor speed control systems or any other system where oil cleanliness is critical.

These systems utilize filter elements with a variety of media options and are ideal for Absolute fine filtration of lube oil, hydraulic fluid, or insulating oil.

Options include:

  • Laser Particle Counter and moisture con- tent monitoring devices
  • Special seal materials for aggressive fluids
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Additional treatment

Many other accessories are available and systems are totally customizable to meet the demands of nearly any application.

Doble Moisture Monitor

Parker I-Count Laser Particle Counter