Hydraulic Filters

We are a stocking distributor for the full line of Hydraulic Filters offered from the Parker Lube and Hydraulic Filter Division. These products include filter assemblies for Low Pressure, Medium Pressure and High Pressure Hydraulic and Lube Oil applications.

We also offer a number of systems and devices for checking and monitoring hydraulic fluid quality, cleanliness and moisture content. Please see the complete Parker Lube and Hydraulic Catalog below and call so that we may provide proper sizing and selection assistance.


Hydraulic and Lube Filtration Products Catalog

High Performance Replacement Filter Elements:

We offer advanced Multi layer Dual-Phase Micro-Glass pleated media that is certified to be Beta x[c] = 1000 in accordance with ISO 16889 and Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE) testing. Media is supported both upstream & downstream by an epoxy coated c.s. mesh. Our media provides high flow rates, low pressure drop and stable & dependable Beta x[c] rated efficiencies.


  • 2.5u, 3u, 6u, 12u & 25u Beta x[c] 1000 rated efficiencies per ISO 16889 & DFE
  • Stainless Steel Mesh: 25, 40, 50 60, 74 & 149 micron
  • 150, 250, 450 and 3000 psid collapse rated construction per ISO 2941
  • Integral By-Pass assembly is available on some series
  • Operating Temperature from -45f to 250f
  • Buna, Fluorocarbon, EPR & Silicone O-Ring Seals


  • Hydraulic Oils and Fluids (all types)
  • Turbine and Compressor Lube Oil
  • Bearing Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Cost Effective and High Value Replacements for Expensive OEM Elements

High quality, American made replacement elements to fit any assembly. Contact us with a part number.


Look through our extensive product replacements for:
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Clarke-Reliance Mahle
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Hilco Taisei Kogyo
Hycoa Velcon
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InduFil Zinga
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SWIFTCELL filter media is made from resin-impregnated cellulose filter media. The filter media is pleated and then assembled into an economical disposable filter element.

  • Elements are rated at Bx=2 and are available in standard grades of 5, 10, 20, and 40 microns. They are designed to withstand 150 & 300 PSID collapse pressure ratings (300 PSID elements may require co-pleated mesh support screen for additional rigidity).

SWIFTGLASS filter media is made from inert micro-glass fibers bonded with stable resin, randomly set into a multi-layer composite. This composite forms a dual-phase filter medium that provides a high efficiency, low pressure drop with a high dirt holding capacity.

  • All filter elements are designed and tested to provide a minimum Bx≥200 filtration efficiency at 1, 3, 6, 12 and 25 micron ratings. They are also designed and tested to withstand from 150 PSID up to 3250 PSID collapse ratings.
  • Filter elements can be co-pleated with support layers, including polymer mesh, annealed epoxy-coated steel wire, or stainless steel wire cloth, for maximum element durability & life. These elements also serve a majority of liquid and gas applications.