Mobile Oil Purification Systems


This system contained a 20 GPM Thermo-Vac Mobile Oil Purification System, a 550 Gallon storage and processing tank and a 65KW diesel Generator to produce 480V 3 phase power. It is used to dehydrate, degas and clean transformer oil at substations.

MOPS 30 Inside

Inside the MOPS cargo trailer system

Box Truck Transformer Oil Purification System

Box Truck Design



Mobile Oil Purification SystemsMobile Oil Purification Systems

10 GPM Mobile Oil Purification System for In-plant Use

Mobile Oil Purification Systems are ideal for purifying Transformer Oils, Dielectric Fluids, Hydraulic and Turbine Oils. The systems shown below will completely remove free and dissolved water, dissolved gases and particulates. Residual water content in transformer oils of less than 10 PPM can easily be achieved. Dielectric strengths of over 75KV can be successfully reached in a short period of run time.

Options Include:

  • Fullers Earth Treatment Vessels
  • Laser Particle Counter and Moisture Content Monitoring Devices
  • Special seal materials for aggressive fluids
  • Stainless steel construction and additional treatment
  • Hose Reels
  • High Vacuum Package

Many other accessories are available and systems are totally customizable to meet the demands of nearly any application.

Doble Moisture Monitor

Parker I-Count Laser Particle Counter