Oil Storage and Dispensing Systems

DTU Oil Storage Systems

DTU 100 Stack System


DTU 200 Oil Storage System


Our DTU Oil Storage and Dispensing Systems are ideal for the storage and the precise metered dispensing of lubricants, automatic transmission fluids, antifreeze and coolants, or any other commonly used fluids in industrial applications.

These systems feature all stainless steel construction and built in Absolute filtration. An operator can off load bulk fluids from tankers or drums and set the timer to cycle the oil or fluid through the filter assembly until the desired ISO cleanliness code is achieved. There is also a simple on/off switch used when dispensing. All fluid dispensed passed through the filter assembly on the way to the electronic lube meter gun when in dispensing mode.

These Systems Feature:

  • Capacities from 25 to 3000 gallons
  • Parker Filter Assemblies with Absolute rated filters
  • Stainless Steel construction and Stainless Steel Plumbing
  • Lincoln Hose Reels with Electronic Lube Meter Dispensing Guns
  • High Quality Industrial Gear Pumps with built in Pressure Relief

Options Include:

  • Dehydration packages
  • Laser particle counters
  • Moisture in oil sensors
Doble Moisture Monitor

Parker I-Count Laser Particle Counter