Phosphate Ester Filtration & Purification Systems

Our phosphate ester filtration and purification packages are suitable for EHC systems, aviation (Skydrol) test stands and other storage systems.


The FTC-PE & KL-PE family of systems are available in a wide range of process flow rates and configurations and are designed and built to remove particulate matter and/or free water from Phosphate Ester based fluids.

15 GPM Kidney Loop Filter

The FTC-PE Systems are portable and may be used to filter or transfer Phosphate Ester or they can be used to treat fluid in a specific reservoir.

Our newest filter cart design features a top loading swing bolt lid design with a 5″x18″ coreless filter element. The filter element includes a 45 PSID bypass valve. These Beta rated 1000 microglass filter elements can be supplied with water absorptive media as well.

FTC Filter Cart

FTC Filter Cart

FTC Filter Cart Lit Cover Pic


Thermo-Vac for Phosphate Ester Based Fluids

Phosphate ester degradation is caused by temperature, oxidation and hydrolysis.  Phosphate esters are hygroscopic, meaning that they attract and hold water molecules from their surroundings.  Water reacts with the base product forming phosphate acid and alcohols.  Increased total acid number (TAN) commonly results in system corrosion and erosion of sensitive parts.

Removing water on an ongoing basis is the based preventive action.  The Thermo-Vac Super Mini, vacuum dehydrator, for Phosphate Ester applications removes free, emulsified and dissolved water.

The TVPE Series systems will completely remove free and dissolved water and particulates from Phosphate Ester Fluids and Skydrol. These systems are available in process flow rates of 5, 10, 20 or 30 GPM and available with numerous options to fit almost any application. We use EPDM, EPR or E1267-80 2-372 for Skydrol applications.  Please see our Vacuum Dehydrator & Oil Purifier Page for details.  You can also email us with your requirements.

Our new Super-Mini system is an economical, powerful system that is very efficient at removing water and particulate from small reservoirs.  The size and price tag make it a popular choice for Aerospace hydraulic testing facilities.

Several condition monitoring options are available to provide real time data on both particulate and water.  Particulate reporting in ISO 4406:4406 and NAS 0-12.  Moisture is reported in percent of saturation.

Thermo-Vac Super Mini

Thermo-Vac Super Mini

Laser Particle Counter with Moisture Sensor

Laser Particle Counter with Moisture Sensor

Moisture in Oil Sensor with Panel Display

Moisture in Oil Sensor with Panel Display

Endure 1X Phosphate Ester Filters

Endure 1X Phosphate Ester Filters


EHC phosphate ester lube oil filtration maintenance is a critical step in this mission. We offer Fluitec’s proprietary technology called Endure IX that can remove phosphate ester derived acids, weak acids, inclusive of phenols, which are generated due to hydrolysis. In addition, the adsorption media has been designed to remove varnish causing species which increase the MPC dE value. The technology does not leach metals as is experienced with the use of acid scavenging media based on Fuller’s earth.

In fact, it will remove these metals leached by using Fuller’s Earth. In addition Endure IX will increase the resistivity of in service phosphate fluids to levels below new phosphate ester oil.

These filters are available as an add on to our systems.  We also offer cartridges for many existing filter housings out in the field.  Common sizes are 7″ x 18″ and 6″ x 32″

STEALTH ABS – Active reservoir breather system


Untitled2The patented Stealth ABSTM (Active Breather System) eliminates the need to continually replace conventional desiccant breathers. Conventional desiccant breather devices are passive by nature, relying on reservoir level changes to draw in air. The Stealth ABSTM enhances reservoir breathing systems by actively and continuously purging and dehydrating the reservoir headspace.

In addition, desiccants will eventually become ineffective – so unless they are monitored and changed periodically, they can allow moisture to enter the reservoir. With the Stealth ABSTM system, headspace dehydration is continuous and virtually maintenance-free.


Reservoir fluids with an exceptionally high affinity for water, such as the phosphate ester-based fluids which are often used in steam turbine control systems, tend to readily absorb moisture from the ambient environment. The Stealth ABSTM combats ambient ingression by introducing a steady stream of clean, dry air within the reservoir. This constant air flow helps sustain optimal conditions within the reservoir.

As an added benefit, the Stealth ABSTM has proven to be very effective at improving oil quality, by removing a portion of moisture that is already in the oil!


Fine solid particles in the ambient air form mineral deposits, rust, and other contaminants can act as abrasives. The Stealth ABSTM system helps to halt these potentially damaging effects by filtering submicron particles out of the inlet air stream and by establishing continuous air flow to prevent particulate ingress.



51 Series Tee-Type Filters

Model 51 Series Tee  Filters are ideal for Skydrol (and similar) test stands.  We offer various media options, including absolute rated microglass and stainless steel.
UntitledScreen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.58.15 PM



Pressure Ratings & Temperature Ratings
Buna -40°F to +250°F
Viton -20°F to +400°F
EPR -60°F to +400°F
Kalrez -40°F to +550°F
Teflon Encapsulated Viton -4°F to +400°F

Aluminum (5K)
Operating: 5,000 PSI
Proof: 7,500 PSI
Burst: 20,000 PSI

Stainless (6K)
Operating: 6,000 PSI
Proof: 9,000 PSI
Burst: 24,000 PSI

Cellulose -60°F to +270°F
Micro Glass -65°F to +325°F
Stainless -425°F to +1000°F
Sintered -425°F to +1000°F