Electrical Distribution and Utility

Systems for completely restoring transformer oil and insulating oil by degassing, dehydrating and removing particulates


This system feature roll down doors to protect against the elements

MOPS 30 Inside

Inside the MOPS cargo trailer system


Roll Up Canvas for protection. System features a touch screen interface







20 GPM MOPS Oil Purification System with diesel generator and 500 gallon storage tank

20 GPM MOPS Oil Purification System with diesel generator and 500 gallon storage tank









The Thermo-Vac & MOPS Series of systems are available in a wide variety of process flow rates and configurations. They are specifically designed to remove dissolved gasses and moisture and particulates, ensuring a complete restoration of any insulating fluid.

MOPS at Wind Farm

MOPS at Wind Farm

These systems are available in stationary dedicated configurations for use in transformer shops or bulk oil storage facilities and also in trailer mounted configurations for service at remote locations on transformers, load tap changers and oil filled circuit breakers.

50 GPM Vacuum Dehydrator in Transformer Oil Room

50 GPM System in Transformer Oil Room

These compact and powerful purifiers can restore insulating oil to more than 70 KV in a short period of time and are much easier to operate and maintain than older more complicated systems. The Thermo-Vac Systems are available in High Vacuum or Low Vacuum configurations and in process flow rates from 2 GPM to 100 GPM.


Common options may Include:

  • Fullers Earth Treatment Vessels
  • Moisture in Oil Content Monitoring and Laser Particle Counters
  • Heavy Duty Enclosed Trailers or Open Frame Trailers with Heavy Duty Canvas

Systems for the filtering and transferring of transformer and insulating oils:

Our transfer / filtration systems are highly portable and versatile.  These systems include hose reels, transfer pump and filtration.  Valves and piping are included so that fluid direction can be changed without disconnecting the hoses.

Filter - Transfer System

Filter – Transfer System


Our FTC line of systems are ideal for transferring new oil or treating oil for particulate and free water removal. These systems are available in various sizes and configurations but all come standard with Absolute rated filters for positive carbon fine removal.

FTC Filter Cart

FTC Filter Cart