Filtration Systems and Vacuum Dehydrators for Turbine Oil Treatment in Hydro Electric, Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine Applications

Our Thermo-Vac family of systems are available in a wide selection of process flow rates and are ideal for removing fee and dissolved water and particulates from steam turbine reservoirs and oil storage tanks in hydro electric projects. We also offer systems specifically designed for treatment of Phosphate Ester Fluids in hydraulic speed control systems.

5 GPM Thermo-Vac System
20 GPM Thermo-Vac System
20 GPM Thermo-Vac System
50 GPM Thermo-Vac System
50 GPM Thermo-Vac System

Dedicated Filtration Systems for Governor Oil Reservoirs, Gas Turbine Main Lube Oil Reservoirs and Oil Storage Tanks

The KL Series of filtration units are also available in a wide range of process flow rates and feature top loading absolute rated filters to insure pristine condition of oils used in sensitive hydraulic servo speed control systems or mail lube oil reservoirs. These systems can be equipped with laser particle counters and moisture in oil sensors to deliver real time ISO cleanliness code and moisture content information.

KL5 with Varnish Removal
Two Stage 5 GPM Kidney Loop with Particulate & Varnish Removal for Gas Turbine Reservoirs
KL10 518 ONOFF 1
Single Stage KL System with Particulate and Free Water removal
KL-10-518-SD RF 1
Two Stage 10 GPM KL System with DCS Connected Control System

Portable Filter Carts and Hot Oil Flushing Equipment

Our portable FCL series systems can be used for flushing and transferring oils and hydraulic fluids and feature the same absolute rated filters and condition monitoring equipment as our KL and Thermo-Vac systems. These systems are available in simple and economical 5 GPM or 10 GPM hand truck chassis units or much larger hot oil flushing and heating systems with flow rates ranging from 30 GPM to 500 GPM.

Two Portable Filter Carts
One Portable Filter Cart
Oil Flushing Equipment

Circulating Lubrication Systems and Hydraulic Power Units

We engineer design and build complete Circulating Lubrication Systems and Hydraulic Power Units to replace aging systems or for new applications within the powerhouse. Our systems can be built to meet the latest API 614 Edition for Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Oil Control Systems and Auxiliaries.

Hydroelectric Filtration System
One of twenty supplied for constant lubrication of upper and lower guide bearings in a major hydroelectric project
Two Hydraulic Power Units
Hydraulic Power Units

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