Transformer Oil Purification Systems and Hi-Vacuum Transformer Dry Out Systems

Our transformer oil filtration and purification systems are designed to thoroughly degas, dehydrate, and filter to quickly restore the dielectric strength of transformer oil and insulating oils in load tap changers, switch gear and oil filled circuit breakers.

They are available in a variety of configurations and with process flow rates ranging from 3 GPM to 100 GPM.

We are application driven and offer vacuum purification as well as absorptive media solutions.  Please call to discuss the specifics of your applications and lets us help size the proper system that best fits your needs.

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Small Portable & Light Weight Systems:


These compact multi-stage systems accept high capacity 11” O.D. Filter elements and are incredibly effective at removing particulates and water to less than 10PPM especially when used with the Velcon Super-Dri Series of water absorbent elements.  The system shown above and to the left is a portable filter cart constructed of aluminum.  It features a small oil heater and digital display of real time moisture content.  These systems are a great way to restore the dielectric strength of oil in transformers where three phase power might not be available or where larger purification systems might not be practical.

System Features:

The heart of each of our Thermo-Vac family of systems is an oil purifier that combines low watt density heat and vacuum to remove dissolved gases thoroughly and rapidly and both free and dissolved water. All Thermo-Vac Systems also includes multiple stages of high efficiency particulate filtration.

Small Skid Mounted Vacuum Oil Purifiers:


These small Thermo-Vac Systems offer a lot of performance and include all of the same features as our larger purifiers.  These systems are ideal for processing smaller transformers and other oil filled equipment.  These systems are available with processing flow rates up to 15 GPM.

High-Capacity Skid Mounted Vacuum Oil Purifiers:


These powerful systems are designed to process at high flow rates and are useful when restoring the dielectric strength of oil in large transformers.  Systems in this Thermo-Vac Series have processing flow rates ranging from 20 GPM to 100 GPM.  These systems can easily be equipped with roll down locking weather resistant doors, auxiliary vacuum systems that include high vacuum, high volume dry screw backing pumps and roots blowers with auxiliary connections that allow for easy connection to transformers. These systems are a portable and very effective way of applying high vacuum during maintenance, dry out, leak detection and during commissioning of new units.

We are an authorized OEM Systems Integrator for Leybold Vacuum and we offer their full line of vacuum pumps and accessories.

Our mission is to design and build powerful portable and rugged systems in compact packages.  MOPS (Mobile Oil Purification Systems) are highly portable and available in custom bumper pull or gooseneck trailer platforms. These systems can deliver the performance and comforts of much larger system previously only available in tractor trailer arrangements.

Small Portable Oil Purification & High Vacuum Systems (Mini-MOPS):


These highly portable vacuum oil purifiers are designed to work in close proximity to transformers and in substations where ease of equipment maneuverability may be important.  These systems include features found on our larger processers but in a very compact package.  The systems above shown on the left and right feature a 10 GPM Thermo-Vac Purifier and a roll over-and-down weather resistant enclosure door.  The system shown in the center is our most basic enclosed trailer system with inlet and outlet hose reels.

High-Capacity Heavy Duty Mobile Oil Processing Trailers & High Vacuum Systems:


These systems are specifically designed to be highly portable and rugged and deliver the powerful oil purification capabilities of larger systems that were only previously available in tractor trailer configurations.  On board oil storage and processing tanks, high capacity, high vacuum systems and separate office space enclosures or only a few of the options that are available.  We have refined the design of these systems so that they are very easy to use can run for long periods of time unattended or monitored remotely.

Photos Below show MOPS Systems in Custom Gooseneck Style Trailers:


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