Petroleum Refining and Petro Chemical Filtration

Rotating Equipment / Chemical Plants / Refineries

Systems for the Reliability of Rotating, Reciprocating & Turbo Machinery

Thermo-Vac Oil Purification Systems

Thermo-Vac Oil Purification Systems are ideal for dehydrating, de-gassing and cleaning turbine oil, seal oil and other industrial lubricants found in refineries, chemical plants and power generation stations. These systems restore viscosity and flash points in oil that has been contaminated with light ends, water, particulate, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other gasses.

Thermo-Vac System
Thermo-Vac system with all ASME Code stamped vessels for service in a large northwest region petroleum refinery
Explosion Proof Panel on Thermo-Vac System
Thermo-Vac System with NEMA 7 Explosion Proof Control Panel
Stainless Steel Thermo-Vac
Thermo-Vac All Stainless Steel
Thermo-Vac for Removing Hydrogen Sulfide
Thermo-Vac System for the removal and safe disposal of hydrogen sulfide from lubricating seal oil.
Thermo-Vac on a Trailer
Thermo-Vac Installed on Trailer with Canvas Protection
Thermo-Vac in a Trailer at a Power Station
Thermo-Vac Installed in Cargo Trailer at Power Station

Complete Lubrication Systems

Stainless Steel Circulation Lubrication System
Small circulation lubrication system with redundant pumps; all stainless steel construction

We design and build complete Circulating Lubrication Systems to meet the latest ANSI/API Standard 614 Fifth Edition requirements for lubrication, shaft sealing and oil control systems & auxiliaries.

We can upgrade existing systems or replace aging lubrication systems with brand new equipment built to match existing piping and space envelopes.

Stainless steel is a common material for us. We also work with carbon steel. Other materials available on request.

Kidney Loop Filtration Systems

Kidney Loop Filtration System
Kidney Loop Filtration System with Varnish Removal and Laser Particle Counter

Kidney loop filtration systems are intended to be permanently installed on industrial oil reservoirs. These systems constantly process the oil in the tank to maintain oil cleanliness. Varnish removal, water absorptive and high efficiency particulate removal options are available.

Oil Storage & Dispensing Units

Oil Storage & Dispensing Units
Oil Storage and Dispensing Units

Our DTU Oil Storage and Dispensing Systems are ideal for the storage and the precise metered dispensing of lubricants and other industrial fluids.

Refinery Process Filtration

Hydrocarbon Filtration Products Cover
Hydrocarbon Filter Vessels
Process Filtration Catalog Cover
Parker Process Filtration Catalog

We offer a very complete selection of Filter Assemblies, Replacement Filter Elements and Pressure Filter Vessels for nearly any refinery process application. Please see the attached literature and selection guides for detailed information.

Replacement Filters

Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filters
Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filters

High Purity Northwest, Inc. specializes in replacement filter elements of all types. With our vast knowledge of filtration, we can source replacement filter elements that are within specification, of quality construction and economical. Many times we can work with existing filter housings and vessels and produce elements to achieve desired results.

Replacement gas and steam turbine lube & hydraulic oil filters, replacement turbine air intake filters and compressed air replacement filters are just some examples of what we have available.

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