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At High Purity Northwest, Inc., we provide solutions for our customers’ rental filtration equipment needs.

Our experienced technical team will help properly size the proper oil purification system rental selection to ensure successful results.


Oil Filtration and Purification

High Purity Northwest offers filtration system rentals that meet our client’s budget and environmental quality standards. Our rental filtration equipment can solve nearly any fluid contamination problem.

Oil purification system rentals can be used to help complete proactive maintenance as well as decrease downtime. They are frequently used to prevent the loss of oil due to particulate, water and varnish contamination. Oil purification equipment rentals can be used for filtering and conditioning diesel fuel, lube oils, hydraulic oil, transformer oil and other liquids. Vacuum dehydrator & oil purifier rentals are available for dehydrating, degassing and filtering to provide a complete oil purification solution.

High Purity Northwest offers industrial filtration services and equipment for liquid and gas applications in mills, refineries, power plants, substations, commercial facilities, food processing plants, mining operations and marine-based operations.

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High Purity Northwest Rental Filtration Equipment


Thermo-Vac Oil Purification Systems

The thermo-vac oil purification systems provide rapid removal of free, emulsified and dissolved water, dissolved gases and particulates from lube oil and hydraulic fluid. These systems have processing flow rates of 3, 10, 15, 25 and 50 GPM depending on customers’ needs and are ideal for lube oil and hydraulic fluid applications where reservoir sizes range from 100 to 20,000 gallons or more. They are designed to reach and maintain dryness levels of less than 10 PPM and ISO cleanliness codes of 16/14/10 or better.


Transformer Oil Purification Systems

Transformer oil filtration and purification systems are used to degas, dehydrate and filter to restore the dielectric strength of transformer oil and insulating oils in load tap changers, switch gear and oil-filled circuit breakers. They are available in a variety of configurations with process flow rates from 3 GPM to 100 GPM.


Filter Cart, Kidney Loop & Portable Oil Filtration Systems

Oil filter carts are designed to provide a portable mode of off-line kidney loop filtration, flushing and fluid transfer. These oil filtration systems feature BETA 1000 Absolute rated micro-glass filter elements and Absorptive Ion Exchange Resin Media Filters for Varnish Removal. Particulate filters are available in a variety of micron retention ratings to meet any target ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code requirements. These systems are commonly used for lube oil and hydraulic fluid reservoirs, gear box filtration, phosphate ester EHC systems, Skydrol filtration, governor speed control hydraulic systems and mobile equipment hydraulics. Flow rates range from 2 GPM to more than 500 GPM.

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Diesel Fuel Filtration Systems

Diesel fuel filtration systems are designed to remove harmful contaminants like particulate and water to improve your equipment’s fuel efficiency, performance and overall reliability. Common applications include polishing fuel for power generation applications, and bulk fuel storage at data centers, hospitals, mining operations, marine terminals and military facilities. Flow rates range from 10 to 800 GPM.


Skydrol & Phosphate Ester Filtration & Dehydration

Skydrol and phosphorate ester filtration equipment and dehydrator systems are variants of our Thermo-Vac and FTC/KL series and are available in a wide range of sizes and process flow rates. These systems completely restore expensive fluids.



Oil Heating and Cooling Systems

These systems are used to safely heat or cool oils in industrial applications. They are available in a wide range of sizes with most applications ranging from 7.5KW to 350 KW.

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High Purity Northwest — A Leader in Rental Filtration Equipment

High Purity Northwest is a leader in Oil Purification System Rentals & Rental Filtration Equipment for liquid and gas applications. We offer custom rental solutions that ensure our customers get the best return on investment. Call to learn more about how we can help with your specific application.

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