System Uses

Complete modular and stackable bulk oil storage systems for lubricants and other critical fluids keeps them in pristine condition.

These bulk oil storage & dispensing systems were developed for use in industrial shops where critical lube oils and transmission fluids are being dispensed into heavy machinery. These self contained systems allow operations to receive bulk fluids through a filter and then circulate those fluids within the system until they meet target ISO Cleanliness Codes. The on-board pump allows for drawing bulk oil into the reservoir, timed circulation of the fluid through the filter and then precise dispensing of the fluid.

Available Options

Standard Features shown include stainless steel construction, Absolute rated filtration, Lincoln retractable hose reels and dispensing guns, gear pumps with integral relief, access manway/cleanout/inspection hatch, desiccant breathers, and circulation timer. Low watt density submersion heaters are optional.

These systems are available in a wide range of sizes with standard sizes from 50 to 600 gallons.

System Examples

Oil Storage & Dispensing System
Three Oil Storage & Dispensing Units

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Three Oil Storage & Dispensing Units

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DTU Oil Storage System Information

DTU Oil Storage System

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