Military Defense

High Purity Northwest performs high velocity oil flushing and system cleaning of hydraulic and lube oil systems associated with military, defense, and government-owned power generation assets. We also design and build filtration and purification systems for hydraulic, lube oil and diesel fuel applications.

5 GPM Thermo-Vac System
20 GPM Thermo-Vac System
20 GPM Thermo-Vac System
50 GPM Thermo-Vac System
50 GPM Thermo-Vac System
KL5 with Varnish Removal
Two Stage 5 GPM Kidney Loop with Particulate & Varnish Removal for Gas Turbine Reservoirs
KL10 518 ONOFF 1
Single Stage KL System with Particulate and Free Water removal
KL-10-518-SD RF 1
Two Stage 10 GPM KL System with DCS Connected Control System

Advantages of Defense Industry Filtration Solutions

Our asset reliability & filtration solutions for defense offer many benefits.

Oil Flushing and Filtration Equipment for Rent

We also offer equipment rental for short-term applications, such as pre-commissioning new hydraulic equipment, converting to a new lubrication type, or repairing a lubrication system after a bearing failure. Our equipment changes with our customers’ needs.

Our systems have laser particle counters and moisture-in-oil content meters. These instruments display real-time ISO and NAS Cleanliness Codes. We can meet or exceed military specifications. We also use third-party lab verification to provide an end-of-job report documenting oil dryness and cleanliness.

Environmentally Conscious Protocols

High Purity Northwest places a priority on environmentally friendly procedures. We combine spill prevention and awareness procedures with our cleanliness tracking. This process ensures that we prevent spillage on equipment and surrounding surfaces. It also safeguards sensitive marine environments.

Time Sensitivity

Unplanned downtime can have great consequences and our team is ready to act fast to support our military and government with quick response times anywhere in the world.

Space Constraints

You may have limited space available for flushing equipment operation. We can devise methods for defense industry filtration solutions that operate within tight operational areas.

Applications for Military Hot Oil Flushing

Filtration solutions for defense have many applications.

We have vast expertise flushing hydraulic, lube oil and fuel systems aboard surface ships, submarines and inside government-owned power plants.

High Purity Provides Filtration Solutions for the Military

Contact High Purity Northwest to request a quote for filtration solutions for the military. Let us know the details, and we can provide detailed information and a system recommendation for your project.

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