Oil Filtration Systems

System Uses

Remove Harmful Particulates, Water and Varnish

Our Fluid Filter Transfer Carts and Kidney Loop Filtration Systems are rugged Industrial systems for use where cleanliness of oil is critical. Whether portable or stationary, these oil filtration systems feature BETA 1000 Absolute rated micro-glass filter elements in a variety of micron retention ratings to meet the ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code requirements for any industrial system.

Two Stage Systems are available with Adsorptive Depth Cellulose Varnish Removal Filter Elements.

Common applications include governor speed control hydraulic systems, lube oil and hydraulic reservoirs, gear box filtration, phosphate ester EHC systems, Skydrol filtration, and mobile equipment hydraulics. These oil filtration systems are an essential part of plant reliability and the reduction of unplanned downtime. They greatly extend the life of any rotating or reciprocating equipment.

All System filter elements are available in water absorptive versions. Certain system applications may also include adsorptive media for acid reduction or adsorptive depth cellulose filtration to aid in the removal of dissolved varnish and sludge.

Standard Features

These systems are available in a variety of flow rates ranging from 2 GPM to 150+ GPM and standard features include TEFC motors, positive displacement gear or screw pumps with integral pressure relief, top loading filter assemblies, color coded differential pressure gauges to monitor filter life, NEMA 4 electrical enclosures and a two-part epoxy paint coating.

Single phase or three phase electrical connections for any electrical service available throughout the world.

Available Options

  • Laser particle counter with moisture content. This device displays and transmits real time ISO Cleanliness Codes and moisture content information. This instrument can be used to start, stop or transfer flow between two or more reservoirs.
  • varnish removal stage to remove varnish and sub micronic and soluble varnish from any system.
  • Water absorbent elements
  • Explosion proof Class 1 Div 2 or Class 1 Div 1 ( NEMA 7) Rated systems
  • Low watt density oil heaters
  • Phosphate Ester or Skydrol compatible materials
  • Variable flow rates
  • Hose reels

System Examples

Kidney Loop Filter System

This system utilizes the laser particle counter to automatically keep hydraulic oil at an ISO Cleanliness of 14/10/9 in two separate tanks. When the system meets the target in one tank it automatically switches to the other tank.

Compact Oil Filtration System

This compact yet powerful 150 GPM system is made to transfer or filter transformer oil at flow rates from 10 to 150 GPM.

oil filtration systems

A very portable and lightweight 2-stage filtration system with spin on filters on a hand truck chassis.

Heavy Duty Oil Filtration System

This 30 GPM system features a heavy duty frame and hose reels. It is equipped with a remote pump speed control so that a single operator could top off load tap changers and oil filled circuit breakers.

Kidney Loop System

This is a kidney loop system with a low mounted control box and small footprint so that the unit could be mounted on top of a governor oil sump in a large hydro electric power house.

Oil Filtration Equipment

The KL-BB Series Systems are available in several different sizes and have everything you need to provide state of the art fine filtration for lube oil reservoirs, hydraulic reservoirs and gear boxes. They are an economical solution for applications that require high performance filtration.

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