Oil Filtration

Oil Filtration for Industry

High Purity Northwest manufactures quality oil filtration equipment for all industries.  We have a large selection of oil filter vessels and housing assemblies available to solve any oil filtration problem.

Our extensive filter cross reference capabilities makes us an ideal single source for all of your filtration and pumping needs.

Vacuum Dehydrators

vacuum dehydratorVacuum dehydration removes water from oil by pulling the heated oil under a vacuum, reducing the boiling  point of water.  Water is flashed off in the vacuum chamber (as steam) where it is condensed and collected in a condensate tank.  Our vacuum dehydrators are sate of the art, easy to use and robust.  We use only quality materials to insure longevity and trouble free service.  We only use stainless steel for our vacuum chambers and condensate pots.  We use high pressure stainless steel hydraulic tubing.  Our PLC operates all functions of the machine.  Very little training is required with our vacuum oil purifiers; one button start and shut down functions.  Our deep vacuum insures water removal to <20ppm.  Flow rates are available from 5 GPM to 100 GPM.

Transformer Oil Purification Machines / Mobile Oil Purification Systems

mobile transformer oil purifierOur transformer oil filtration & purification equipment uses heat and vacuum to remove water and gasses from transformer oil.  Our systems are available as a standalone, skid mounted system or packaged in a trailer for mobility.  These systems are packaged with high efficiency multi layered micro-glass particulate filters to remove carbon particulate to increase dielectric strength.  Our PLC operates all functions of the machine.  Very little training is required with our vacuum oil purifiers; one button start and shut down functions.  Our deep vacuum insures water removal to <10ppm.  Flow rates are available from 5 GPM to 100 GPM.  Options include high vacuum booster packages, fullers earth treatment, oxidation inhibitor injection systems, custom tanks, generators and more.

Filter Carts

Filter Cart We manufacture a variety of filter carts, including spin on filters and coreless filter element designs.  We offer light weight and heavy duty designs for any oil filtration application.  Filter options from water absorptive to multi layered micro-glass to tackle and portable filter cart application.





Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems

turbine oil conditionerWe offer ideal solutions for keeping turbine oil clean and dry. Our coalescing systems are ideal for removing large volumes of water quickly from turbine oil.  We offer multi layered micro-glass filter elements to maintain strict ISO cleanliness codes.  Additionally, our coalescing systems can  be paired with our vacuum dehydrators for ultimate oil cleanliness in any tough application.





Kidney Loop Filtration

kidney loop filter systemHigh Purity Northwest offers several options of kidney loop filtration systems and offline filtration systems.  Our kidney loop filtration system is ideal for removing solid particulate down to ISO 14/11/8 or better, as well as water.  Additional filter options allow for the removal of soft particles, sludge, varnish and acid from oil reservoirs.

Our offline oil filtration systems are commonly used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to maintain clean and dry oil in the reservoir of governor control systems. Kidney loop filtration is also ideal for hydraulic oil, gear oil, refrigeration oil, and control oil systems.


Filter Vessels

filter vesselsWe offer filter vessels for all oil filtration applications in a variety of sizes and configurations.  Our standard housings include a swing bolt closure for easy filter replacement.  Our coreless filter elements include a 45 PSID bypass valve.  Coreless filters reduce shipping weights are a green alternative to standard filter elements.

We offer industry standard 6″x18″ and 6″x36″ configurations.  For small flow applications, we offer spin on filter heads and canisters in a variety of media configurations.

Replacement Filter Elements

replacement hydraulic and lube filtersDesigned to maintain ISO cleanliness codes.  Our pleated multi layer micro-glass filter elements provide high flow rates, low pressure drops and Beta rated efficiency to ISO 16889 to meet strict ISO cleanliness codes resulting in high quality oil filtration and longevity of diesel engine components.  We offer filter housings for all applications.

Hydraulic Filter Assemblies

hydraulic filterParker hydraulic filter assemblies are available in low pressure (up to 150 PSI), medium pressure (500-1200 PSI) and high pressure (3,000-20,000 PSI).





Custom Oil Filtration and Flushing Equipment

custom oil flushing equipmentThere are literally hundreds of options when it comes to customer oil filtration equipment.  Our systems are completely piped and wired for service, skid mounted and tested before shipment.  We can custom build a system using any flow rate requirement, any filtration requirement, we can include heaters, strainers, filtration as required and any type of instrumentation you need.  Contact us to discuss you requirements.


Hydrogen Sulfide Removal System

oil purifier with hydrogen sulfide vesselFor our oil refinery customers we offer a unique, proven, process for removing hydrogen sulfide from compressor seal oil.  Our vacuum oil purifier removes h2s gas, water and particulate from the oil.  Hydrogen sulfide contaminants react with our material, forming a stable by-product.  Media bed life is long, requiring infrequent maintenance with safe handling of used material.