Water Filtration


High Purity Northwest has numerous cartridge filter housing options available.  We can accommodate a wide range of flow rates and material requirements.   These include:


Constructed in 304L or 316L stainless steel, brass head with 304L stainless steel body or cast iron head and steel body; and available with wide variety of gaskets, our metallic housings are designed to be compatible with most fluids and work in a wide range of applications. Our plastic housings are constructed of FDA materials and offer a high-quality, economical alternative to metallic housings in applications with corrosives or sensitive fluids.


Constructed of carbon steel, 304L or 316L stainless steel with either a clamp or swing bolt-style closures, these housings are the perfect for light duty or heavy industrial service. With flow rates that can exceed 1,000 GPM (3785 LPM), fittings that can be changed or moved to fit your specific needs and internals that can be made to accept your cartridge preference, these housings have the flexibility to meet your requirements.






cartidge4High Purity Northwest offers bag filter housings in a variety of sizes and materials.  Common materials of construction are aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.  We offer all common sizes in single and multi-bag designs.  We stock a variety of housings for immediate shipment.

Common Water Filtration Applications:

Cooling Tower Water Filtration

Bearing Seal Water Filtration

Hydroelectric turbine bearing seal water filtration systems typically include strainers, bag filters, or cartridge filters packaged on a skid with pump/motor combination and control panel.  Filter selection is dictated to the type of contamination in the water, such as sand, silt, algae or organic matter.

Potable Water

Potable water filtration systems are typically specified using cartridge filters and carbon, high efficiency or membrane cartridge filters.

Industrial Water Filtration

Industrial water filtration systems use various types of filtration, such as:

Custom Designed Filtration

waterHigh Purity Northwest specializes in designing and building custom industrial filtration packaged systems.  Typical packages include inlet strainer, pump/motor, filtration, control panel, valves and instrumentation all piped and wired to a base with drip lip, fork lift slots and casters.  All of our systems are thoroughly tested before shipment.water2


Oily Water

Free and mechanically emulsified oil is removed from water by using an oil/water separator or a cartridge filter vessel with Mycelx oil removing filter cartridges.  Mycelx can also be used as after treatment on the discharge side of an oil/water separator.

AG Oil Water Separator