At High Purity Northwest, we manufacture two basic Thermo-Vac, vacuum dehydration, oil purifier designs.

Our GEN ONE design uses vacuum to draw oil into the system
and uses a mechanical float valve to maintain level in the vacuum

Our GEN TWO design uses an inlet pump to draw oil into the
system.  Level switches in the vacuum chamber efficiently maintains
level.  This system requires very little operator adjustment and is
self regulating.

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Thermo-Vac GEN TWO

 pdf-buttonThermo-Vac GEN TWO Product Literature

This oil purifier is commonly used as a transformer oil purifier to degas, dehydrate and correct dielectric strength of insulating fluids.  And, is an essential component of our mobile oil purification systems.


Thermo Vac GEN 1 Vacuum Dehydrator

pdf-buttonThermo-Vac GEN ONE Product Literature

The GEN ONE, low vacuum oil purifier is an economical means of removing large amounts of water from hydraulic oil and lube oil reservoirs.  This system works best when installed within 10 feet of the oil tank or reservoir.

Within the GEN ONE family, we offer our Compact and Super Mini Designs.

Vacuum Dehydrators and Oil Purifiers are ideal for dehydrating, degassing and the removal of particulate contamination in lube oil, hydraulic fluid or insulating oils. Applications include lube and hydraulic reservoirs in power plants, refineries, paper and steel mills, transformer oil, dehydration and methanol recovery for bio-diesel production, gearboxes, compressor lube and any place where critical oils are contaminated.

Thermo-Vac systems are available in a family of sizes with process flow rates from 2 GPM to 100 GPM. Completely restore oils in any size reservoir to residual dryness levels of less than 10 PPM while cleaning the oil with absolute rated microglass filtration to the most stringent ISO cleanliness codes.



  • Low watt density oil heaters to prevent coking or burning of the oil
  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber and condensate collection tank
  • Oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump
  • Positive displacement oil pumps
  • PLC control package (Allen Bradley or Automation Direct)
  • Absolute rated particulate filters available in retention ratings from 1 to 40 microns.  Our filter media is Dual-Phase Micro-Glass pleated media and is certified to be ßx[c]≥ 1000 in accordance with ISO 16889 and Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE) testing.
  • Phase fail monitoring with reversing switch
  • Dirty Filter indication light
  • Alarm condition lights for low oil level, high oil level, low flow, high heat, Dirty Filter and electrical phase.
  • Operator Interface Terminal for viewing system status and alarm conditions
  • Foam detection and control system
  • Air Cooled Condenser
  • Viewing ports on Vacuum Chamber and Condensate Holding Tank


  • Custom footprint designs to meet your space requirements
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Explosion proof models for use in hazardous environments
  • Laser particle counter and Moisture-in-oil monitors giving real time ISO cleanliness codes and moisture content in PPM or percentage of saturation.
  • Multiple stages of filtration and adsorptive medias for varnish, acid content or organic chemical removal.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Rotary Claw vacuum pump
  • Dry Screw vacuum pumps
  • Booster (Roots Style) Pumps
  • Moisture transmitter with panel display
  • Trailer Options for mobility
  • System Enclosure & Container Options
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • High Vacuum Packages
  • Fullers Earth
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
  • Sour Gas Removal
  • Coalescing Filter/Separator Pre-Filter (Click Here for more info: Co-Vac)
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Hose Reels
  • Phosphate Ester Compatibility
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Doble Moisture Monitor for Transformer Oil

Doble Moisture Monitor for Transformer Oil

Moisture in Oil Sensor with Panel Display

Moisture in Oil Sensor with Panel Display

Laser Particle Counter with Moisture Sensor

Laser Particle Counter with Moisture Sensor