Several months ago, High Purity Northwest expanded our office to the East Coast by inviting Steve Cook (a veteran 15-year salesman from Engineered Filtration) to join our team in Nashua, New Hampshire. This development has allowed High Purity NW the ability to expand our reach to New England.

Our expertise in filtration – now extended to the East Coast – includes a variety of specialization for your needs in machinery and equipment, maintenance and cleaning. For East Coast customers (and beyond), we specialize in strainers, replacement filter elements, oil purification equipment, oil/water separators, bag filters, cartridge filters, hydraulic filters, power plant filter elements, water filtration, fuel filtration and gas filtration.

Not only can we manufacture standard systems, we also have the ability to custom build industrial filtration skids for almost any application. We can create custom pump and filter skids for water, fuel or oil.

The High Purity NW representatives at our Nashua office are fully equipped to communicate your business’ needs to our manufacturing team here in the Pacific Northwest, providing excellent service and superior products in filtration. We also use our long-developed network to build efficient, reliable filtration systems to keep your machinery and your business running smoothly.

In addition to our connections here in the Pacific Northwest, High Purity has a network spanning the nation. Something that is of note for our New England customers is that we are Fluid Engineering’s authorized factory representative for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Fluid Engineering manufactures Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers, Basket Strainers and Fabricated Duplex Strainers. With this relationship, High Purity NW can offer Fluid Engineering’s superior products to our customers nearby on the East Coast.

Our Nashua office is located at: 66 Robin Hood Rd, Nashua NH 03062. We can design and build a near-endless selection of filtration systems to fit with your needs for operations and maintenance of your equipment. Contact us to discuss your need in filtration!

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