High Purity Systems


Hot Oil Flushing Services from High Purity

After maintenance or installation of hydraulic piping or power units is complete, High Purity Northwest does hot oil flushing services for clean operation.


Targeting ISO Codes in Bulk Diesel Filtration

Learn why you should target specific ISO cleanliness codes instead of focusing solely on particle size during bulk diesel filtration.


Magnetic Off-Line Filtration

Portable filters — such as filter carts — and kidney loop filters are two magnetic options that offer superior metal filtration when applied to oil or water soluble coolant. We create custom magnetic filters to fit your unique functionality and purification needs.


Condition Monitoring and Bulk Fuel Filtration

Maintaining a diesel fuel-powered system requires regular conditioning and up-to-date cleanliness monitoring to prevent equipment failure. Protect your fuel from water and particulate contamination by incorporating a laser particle counter to maintain target ISO cleanliness codes.


New Gas Filtration Update

The latest technology from TM Filtration filters gas based on liquid weight, molecule size, flow rate, vapor velocity, and more. As liquids move through the multi-layer filter, contaminates are separated and removed. Learn more about this filtration process and how it has been applied at natural gas drilling sites.