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If you are in the business of honing or grinding ferrous material you already know how quickly solids can build up in the coolant.  Media filtration can be a very expensive proposition when it comes to keeping these fluids clean.  Media filtration can play a role in maintaining ultimately cleanliness.  However, magnetic filtration is the most efficient method of removing ferrous particulate from oil or water soluble coolant.  Magnetic filtration has found a useful role in the filtration of hydraulic and lubrication fluids as well.

Self-Cleaning, rotating disc, style magnets work fairly well.  I have found them to be finicky, not to mention expensive and prone to failure.  Another issue I have found is that you must have the perfect gravity flow conditions that most machines just are not set up to accommodate.

In these cases, portable filtration or kidney loop filtration may be the best option.  Filter carts offer excellent shop portability so the operator can filter sumps one at a time and move the filtration equipment around.  Though kidney loop filtration is designed to be more of a dedicated piece of filtration equipment, adding casters and a pull handle make it an excellent shop portable option.

As a custom manufacture of industrial filtration equipment, High Purity Northwest, offers a magnetic filter option that is highly portable and efficient.  For smaller systems we can manufacture for you a small 5-10 GPM filter cart with a MicroMag magnetic filter.Micromag Single

This highly efficient, compact magnetic filter removes ferrous contamination from all industrial fluids.  The MicroMag is added to our pre-designed spin-filter cart.  You have the option to replace the spin on filters with the magnet or use the magnetic filter as a pre-filter.


Light Duty Filter Cart

Spin On Filter Cart

For larger oil or coolant reservoirs with high levels of contamination we offer our Kidney Loop Filtration Systems with the FiltraMag option. The Filtramag magnetic filter removes ferrous, carbide, stainless steel and grinding media contamination from the coolants you use in cutting and grinding.  The Filtramag is available with a core of three or six high-intensity ‘rare earth’ magnetic rods with 11,000 Gauss magnetic performance.

The magnets are easy to remove and clean.



The magnet can be pared with many media options to offer the ultimate kidney loop filtration solution.  Additional media options include, bag filters, cartridge filtration and depth filters.  Automatic self-cleaning options.

Pump options are numerous as well.  We typically use positive displacement gear pumps for oil applications.  Water soluble coolant applications will normally call for a self-priming centrifugal pump.  We also offer air operated double diaphragm pumps, positive displacement low shear pumps and air motors.

Contact us with your requirements.  We’d love to hear from you and help solve your filtration problems.

15 GPM Kidney Loop Filter

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