Oil Purification Systems


Hot Oil Flushing Services from High Purity

After maintenance or installation of hydraulic piping or power units is complete, High Purity Northwest does hot oil flushing services for clean operation.


Oil Purifier for Combined Cycle Power Plants

The lubricating and hydraulic oils used to operate combined cycle power plants are highly susceptible to contamination, which can then degrade oil quality and lead to costly maintenance. Our Thermo-Vac with ESP purifies these oils to sustain effective power generation.


Condition Monitoring and Bulk Fuel Filtration

Maintaining a diesel fuel-powered system requires regular conditioning and up-to-date cleanliness monitoring to prevent equipment failure. Protect your fuel from water and particulate contamination by incorporating a laser particle counter to maintain target ISO cleanliness codes.


New Gas Filtration Update

The latest technology from TM Filtration filters gas based on liquid weight, molecule size, flow rate, vapor velocity, and more. As liquids move through the multi-layer filter, contaminates are separated and removed. Learn more about this filtration process and how it has been applied at natural gas drilling sites.


Diesel Fuel Filtration and Conditioning

Ultra-low sulfur diesel can compromise filtration equipment quality when acetic acid begins to grow and cause corrosion. Using a diesel fuel conditioning and filtering system to remove water and particulate contamination mitigates bacterial and acidic growth, leaving behind a clean end product.