Oil Purification Systems


High Purity Northwest Thermo-Vac Degassing Oil Purifier

How one of our Thermo-Vac Degassing Oil Purifier units was recently used at a wind farm to degas a 2500 KW distribution transformer.


Consider Temperature when Batch Processing Oil

Oil temperature should be a major concern during oil purification, particularly when there is a large quantity of water present in the oil.


The Green Machine: Environmentally Friendly Purification Systems

High Purity Northwest takes extra care to ensure the manufacture of only the most environmentally friendly purification systems. Learn more in this post…


Become More Effective and Efficient with Your Portable Oil Purifier

A portable oil purifier can make hard-to-reach equipment more accessible and simplify the purification and maintenance process. Our build-to-order mobile trailer and cart systems can be customized for optimal transformer, dielectric, and turbine oil cleansing.


Vacuum Dehydrators: Increasing the Reliability of Your Equipment

From insulating fluids to lube oils and hydraulic oils, our Thermo-Vac vacuum dehydrator system removes water, gas, and particle contaminants and leaves behind only the purest oil. Filtered oil extends equipment life and keeps critical components running smoothly in high-stakes environments such as power plants, factories, mills, and refineries.