In order to provide consistent services and ensure their efficiency, you need your equipment to be reliable and in top working shape. Oil purification is necessary to maintain effectiveness with your machinery, and vacuum dehydrators can make your equipment more dependable and last longer.

Vacuum Dehydrators are powerful tools when it comes to increasing reliability of critical equipment in power plants, refineries, factories and mills. When water, gasses, and particles get into the oils that keep equipment running, they can decrease efficiency or even damage your machinery over time. Your equipment is not reliable, and therefore, your ability to meet production demands is at risk.

By removing contaminants such as water, dissolved gases and particulates, vacuum dehydrators from High Purity Northwest will restore the crucial properties of lube oils, hydraulic oils, and insulating fluids. The oils and fluids will be purified to boost efficiency and basic functionality of the machinery. Not only do the vacuum dehydrators purify the oil, the dehydrating process will lengthen the life of critical wear components.

Our Thermo-Vac systems have proven to be valued tools in increasing reliability for equipment and machinery of all types and sizes. When your systems are working at their best and are maintained through consistent vacuum dehydration, you will reduce unplanned downtime or equipment outages. Therefore, increasing productivity and eventually profits for your company.

At High Purity Northwest, we have Thermo-Vac systems in a variety of sizes and flow rates, from 2 GPM to 100 GPM. Our vacuum dehydrators will restore oils in any size of reservoir completely to less than 10 PPM residual dryness levels. The Thermo-Vac systems use microglass filtration to purify and cleanse the oil to the highest standard of ISO codes.

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