Oil purification is one of the most important functions for keeping your machinery and equipment running at their most effective level. But for all of those stationary equipment stations that are in hard-to-reach areas, or separated by distance, it can quickly become expensive to maintain their efficiency and quality of function.

Make your machinery more effective and efficient – at a fraction of the cost – with a portable oil purifier, instead. The mobile oil purification systems at High Purity Northwest are designed with a Thermo-Vac Oil Purifier installed in a trailer or cart for easy transportation and use wherever necessary.

Our Mobile Oil Purification Systems (or M.O.P.S.) are best suited for use purifying and cleansing transformer oils, dielectric fluids and turbine oils. (To read more about how our M.O.P.S. are beneficial for wind power turbines in a past article, click here.)

A portable oil purifier from High Purity Northwest can easily achieve residual water content in transformer oils of less than 10 PPM. What’s more, our systems can successfully reach dielectric strengths of over 75KV in a short period of run time.

High Purity’s portable oil purifier systems will completely remove free and dissolved water, dissolved gases and particulates. Our mobile oil purifiers are built-to-order, so each system is designed to fulfill your unique needs. They can include Fullers earth treatment vessels, a laser particle counter, moisture content monitoring devices, special seal materials (to protect against damage from aggressive fluids), stainless steel construction, and more treatment options and protections.

Since our systems are completely customizable, and built to your order, other accessories are available to meet the needs of just about any equipment application.

Click here to learn more about our Mobile Oil Purification Systems, or call us for a free quote: 866-220-5118. And if you need oil purification systems for a temporary use, we also offer rental options. Call for more details.

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  1. November 12, 2013 at 6:44 am

    Hey Admin,
    I read your post “Become More Effective and Efficient with Your Portable Oil Purifier” and I really liked the post about mobile oil purifiers to fulfill unique needs. I did have a question can you tell me which Model is suitable to purify dielectric fluids, turbine oils?

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