Centralized Circulating Lubrication Systems

System Uses & Features

Complete Centralized Circulating Lubrication Systems and Seal Oil Systems for use in industrial applications.

High Purity Northwest builds automatic lubrication systems to ensure delivery of clean pressurized oil in critical applications. Our systems are available in a wide range of flow rates and pressures and are built using the most reliable, time tested components available. These systems can be ordered to meet API 614 5th edition standards and may include stainless steel construction, redundant AC or DC powered pumps, Absolute rated BETA 1000 filtration, and precise manual or automated control of flow, pressure and temperature. These systems also may include oil condition monitoring and built in oil purification.

We offer the latest in 3D modeling and CAD engineering to create pre-construction approval drawings. Any system ordered for a new installation or replacement of an aging system, is built to your exact specifications.

Common System Options

  • Precise Heating and/or cooling with low watt density fin tube oil heaters or plate and frame liquid coolers or fan driven air coolers.
  • Duplex pressure and/or return line filters with the most advanced and efficient Absolute rated, core-less filters available. Filters can be equipped with automatic switchover valves.
  • Integrated Thermo-Vac Purification System to completely degas, dehydrate and filter the oil
  • Electrostatic Purification for varnish removal
  • Oil condition monitoring displaying real time ISO Cleanliness Codes and moisture content information.
  • Heavy Duty Leistritz Screw Pumps or Gorman Rupp Gear Pumps

High Purity Northwest Centralized Circulating Lubrication Systems are built with plant reliability in mind. Our company history revolves around building systems specifically designed to enhance overall reliability, oil quality and the elimination of unplanned downtime. Most of the systems we build include filtration and purification technology to remove moisture, air and fine particles. We understand that the lifeblood of any rotating or reciprocating equipment is the lubricating oil, so we ensure that all our systems are capable of keeping the oil in pristine condition.

System Examples

Gear Box Lubrication System

This system was built for a lubrication of very large gear boxes for a major defense contractor

Petroleum Refinery Lube System

This lube system was built to supply clean pressurized oil to bearing sets in a wet gas compressor in a petroleum refinery

Small Lube System

1 of 20ea. Small Lube systems with AC driven main pumps and backup DC powered pumps for lubrication of bearings in a hydroelectric dam

Critical Lube Oil Processing & Lubrication System

Oil processing and lubrication system for recovery and purification of critical lube oil

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Centralized Circulating Lubrication System

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