Hot Oil Flushing

In the pre-commissioning and startup of lubrication and hydraulic control piping systems, pipe cleanliness and oil cleanliness is very critical. Hard particulate in the pipe and in the service oil will prematurely wear out bearings and hydraulic slides and cause poor equipment reliability. Most manufacturers of rotating and hydraulic control equipment have oil contamination specifications that they require be met prior to operating their machinery.

High Purity Northwest provides procedures and specifications, flushing and filtering equipment and on site particle testing to complete oil flushing procedures within hours rather than weeks of flushing.

The mechanical contractor, when responsible for the flush, will minimize his support costs in using High Purity’s flushing services by having less hours of craft personnel and assure a quicker hand over of the system to the owner.

  • After completion of a Hot Oil Flush service, Patch Test and video documentation of ISO cleanliness codes will be provided.
  • The owner of the equipment can be assured of a trouble free start-up and prolonged equipment life, with extended time periods before maintenance and oil replacement are needed.