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Mobile Oil Purification System

The Mobile Oil Purification System is one of the most popular units available at High Purity Northwest, often installed in tractor trailers for maximum portability.


High Purity NW Offers Filtration Expertise to the East Coast

High Purity Northwest has expanded to the East Coast with veteran 15-year salesperson Steve Cook. Our Nashua office is equipped to handle custom industrial filtration solutions.


Become More Effective and Efficient with Your Portable Oil Purifier

A portable oil purifier can make hard-to-reach equipment more accessible and simplify the purification and maintenance process. Our build-to-order mobile trailer and cart systems can be customized for optimal transformer, dielectric, and turbine oil cleansing.


The Benefits of a Mobile Oil Purification System for Wind Power

A wind power field equipped with many individual turbines requires a powerful and unique oil purification solution. Because individual systems at each turbine would quickly become time- and cost-intensive, a mobile purification trailer can travel between turbines, degassing, dehydrating, and cleaning transformer oil at a fraction of the cost. Our mobile oil purification systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.