Effective oil purification is critical for the life and efficiency of machinery. Some mechanical systems require more versatile oil purification systems, such as wind power turbines.

The High Purity MOP System de-gassing transformer oil at a wind farm in Oregon.

The High Purity MOP System de-gassing transformer oil at a wind farm in Oregon.

Since it’s inefficient and expensive to have a dedicated oil purification system for each wind turbine, a mobile one can offer the versatility and effectiveness that is needed to keep the turbines working. The High Purity Northwest Mobile Oil Purification System is ideal for degassing transformer oil at wind farms. It is installed in a mobile trailer for ease of use from turbine to turbine on your wind power field.

Not only is the system highly portable, it completely degasses, dehydrates and cleans transformer oil to restore the dielectric strength.

Most wind turbines have transformers with oil capacities of at least 400 gallons. As these systems age, the oil becomes contaminated with dissolved gas. This contamination can eventually lead to complete failure of the transformer. Oil purification systems are used to decontaminate transformers to keep them running effectively and lengthen the life of the machines.

The High Purity Northwest MOPS system will completely restore the oil to better-than-new condition by cleaning, degassing and dehydrating the oil.  Since our system is built into a portable trailer, they are easily transported from one turbine to another to purify, dehydrate and decontaminate the transformers.

Another benefit of High Purity’s MOPS systems is that they are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. With the versatility of being portable and having many options of size and configuration, our MOPS systems in use will keep your wind power turbines running in top shape for a long time.

Contact us at 866-220-5118 for a free quote on a Mobile Oil Purification System to suit your needs. We are happy to share more benefits of the portable system, as well as helping you find the size and configuration to fulfill your needs.

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