Custom Engineering: Tank System for Application of Viscous Protective Coating

One of the more rewarding aspects of High Purity Northwest’s vast capabilities is being able to design and build to customers’ requirements with custom engineering. We recently built a tank system to apply a viscous metal finish protective coating.

We had a request from a good customer requesting that we design build a system to store, heat, filter and deliver a preservative called Esgard PL-2.  According to the manufacture’s website, Esgard PL-2 is an easy removable, soft, thin film preservative. It contains an effective corrosion “inhibitor to protect metal surfaces while in manufacturing, storage, or shipping. PL-2 is a listed qualified product under MIL-PRF-16173E GRADE 2 CLASS I & II (aka: P-2 preservatives).”

Escard is viscous product, approximately 12,065 SSU at ambient.  Substantial heat is required in order to pump the product.  Immersion heat was used in the 800 gallon tank.  Additionally, inline heaters are incorporated in the piping to further heat the product once it is warm enough to pump.  The product is being filtered through ßx[c]≥1000 glass fiber coreless filters as it is being pumped.  Valves are used to supply the product to its intended use, while unused product is drained back to the tank.

High Purity Northwest has capabilities to design and build tank systems of all sizes.  Call or email us today with your requirements.  We enjoy challenging applications.

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