Diesel Fuel Filtration Improves Gas Turbine Reliability

Cogeneration plants in universities, hospitals and paper mills, to name a few, as well as other gas turbine users, find that it is more economical to run on #2 diesel fuel rather than natural gas in colder months. Diesel fuel contamination can be detrimental to the reliability of turbo machinery. Many times, the original fuel filtration system that was installed needs improvement. High Purity Northwest offers a wide range of bulk diesel filtration, diesel fuel filtration, diesel fuel purification and diesel fuel conditioning options.

Our packaged fuel conditioning skid typically includes a suction strainer pump/motor combination, pre-filter vessel and a filter/separator vessel to coalesce water out of the fuel. All components are piped together using leak proof high pressure stainless steel hydraulic tubing or schedule 40 pipe and are mounted on steel base with drip ring and fork lift slots. These systems are typically installed near the bulk diesel tank and continuously condition the fuel. The pump can also be used as a supply pump to the gas turbine or secondary storage.

UntitledAnother request we often get is to add filtration to the existing diesel fuel piping system. A common component is a diesel fuel duplex filter vessel system, which is skid mounted and includes valves so that one filter housing is always on line while the other is offline so that filter changes can be done while the plant is in operation. We can add a filter separator vessel in a similar fashion, either single or duplex, to remove water by coalescing. We mount all the components to a skid and hard pipe with gauges and other instrumentation.

As authorized Parker Velcon integrators, we have access to a wide variety of Clean Diesel products, including Vel-Max housings, filter separator vessels and particulate filter vessels, that we skid mount to your specifications.

We will want to know the existing pipe size, flow rate and system pressure. The required level of filtration and contaminants will also be needed in order to design the proper solution.

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