Our Hydraulic Power Units at High Purity Northwest come in a variety of sizes and configurations to increase your machine efficiency.

These units draw their power from ratios of area and pressure. Our systems can have reservoir sizes from five gallons on up to 3000 gallons. They can have a single hydraulic pump, or be customized into large centralized systems with multiple pumps and reservoirs.

High Purity Northwest’s Hydraulic Power Units range in operating pressures from 150 to 15,000 PSI.

Systems from High Purity Northwest are designed and constructed with purification, dehydration and filtration in mind. Our skill and expertise in the purification industry means that not only will your Hydraulic Power Unit function with the efficiency you need to get the job done; it is also designed to last a long time

Hydraulic Power Units at High Purity can include all stainless steel construction, Skydrol or Phosphate Ester specific applications, absolute filtration, an on-board Vacuum Dehydration System, low watt density reservoir heaters, touch-screen PLC control packages, and more.

We also offer the full line of Hydraulic Filters from the Parker Lube and Hydraulic Filter Division. These filters will work for low, medium, and high pressure hydraulic and lube oil applications to enhance the effectiveness and long term efficiency of your machinery. Click here to learn more about our assemblies and offering of Hydraulic Filters.


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