This month we are adding a new filter/separator series.  The filter/separator is used to coalesce water out of diesel fuel and turbine oil as well as remove particulate.  This vessel opens up new possibilities when a fuel oil purifier is needed.  Thanks to the large filter coalescing elements, we are able to get a high volume of flow through the vessel.

The vessels come with a sight glass, manual drain valve, manual air vent and the option to add automatic air vents.  Automatic water drains will be added in the future.  The filter/separator vessel is a main component to our fuel oil purifier conditioning systems that include pump/motor, strainer and particulate vessel all mounted on a common base with drip lip.  The pump is operated by a simple NEMA 4 starter box, and options include dirty filter light, run light and explosion proof.  Special piping manifolds can be added to the fuel oil purifier as well.

This same vessel can be used to remove water from turbine oil.  This gives High Purity Northwest the ability to design turbine lube oil purifier or turbine oil conditioner.  We can add heaters, strainer and particulate filters as required.

With High Purity Northwest you don’t get a one size fits all solution to your oil purification needs.  We can build an oil purifier machine or oil purifier system to meet your specific requirements.  We can offer simple controls for a budget conscience oil purifier system requirement or very elaborate for communication with the DCS.  Contact us with your requirements.

Customers have asked us for mass water shedding solutions to incorporate with our transformer oil purifier.  The addition of our new line of filter/separator vessels will help us accomplish that goal.  By shedding large quantities of water prior to the vacuum process will help our vacuum dehydrator operate much more efficiently.

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