Oil is an expensive commodity, but a necessary one for the functionality of many important systems. Power plants, refineries, paper mills, steel mills, and other industrial plants need oil that does its job and keeps equipment running smoothly – all while costing as little as possible.

The oil purification systems we build here at High Purity Northwest are designed to save your business money in a number of ways.

First of all, these oil purification systems extend the life of your oil, making your oil consumption less expensive over time. The systems extend the life of oils by dehydrating, degassing and cleaning oil to better and new condition. Purification also removes particulate contamination in lube oil, hydraulic fluid or insulating oils. This process makes your oil usage more eco-friendly and cost-effective because your systems will be reusing and recycling oil.

Secondly, and because the oil is reused and purified, our systems enhance the productivity of your equipment. The purified oil effectively does its job better for longer, prolonging the life of the equipment that the oil is servicing like transformers, bearings, hydraulic systems and other industrial rotating equipment. Since the life of your machinery is extended in the oil purification process, our systems will save your business money by reducing the need to buy new oil or pay to dispose of old or used oil.

At High Purity Northwest, we build several different types of vacuum dehydrators and oil purifiers, for a variety of uses and needs. The thermo-vac systems can be built in several sizes with varying flow rates.

As we say, our Thermo-Vac systems “Completely restore oils in any size reservoir to residual dryness levels of less than 10 PPM while cleaning the oil with absolute rated microglass filtration to the most stringent ISO cleanliness codes.”

Due to the extension of the life of your oil and your equipment, High Purity oil purification systems could save your business money – and quite a bit of it, over time.

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