One of our more popular vacuum transformer oil purification systems is our Mobile Oil Purification System (MOPS).  These systems can be installed in tractor trailers.  However, most of our customers request a cargo trailer so that it can be towed with a pickup truck.  Our vacuum oil treatment plant is completely customizable.  One of the more popular specifications is listed below.  This insulating oil purifier not only removes dissolved gases and moisture from transformer oil, but it removes particulate to increase the dielectric strength and includes fullers earth treatment to correct total acid number (TAN) and color. The mobile oil purification plant includes a variable frequency drive for use on small and large transformers.  It also includes an oxidation inhibitor mixing and injection system.


High Purity Northwest Purifier Specifications

 Model #HPNW- MOPSTVG2-30-460-128KW-DSA400/AC1200-IC639/6MV-OC639/3MV-DMM-FE-OI-VFD

Listed below are features of the THERMO-VAC Oil Purification System.

1)     System shall incorporate 2ea. constant volume positive displacement lubrication Viking pumps capable of producing 30 GPM (1800 GPH) process flow while under a negative suction head of 29”hg. Pumps shall have integral pressure relief. The pumps will be operated via Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to regulate flow from 0-30 GPM.

2)     The system shall include a vacuum package to produce a vacuum of 0.05 Torr at 765 CFM.  The backing pump shall be oil-flooded, multi-vane, single stage, air cooled and direct driven.  It shall be driven by a 15 HP  TEFC electric motor.  The backing pump shall include integral exhaust filters.  The backing pump shall be sized for a free air displacement of 330 CFM with an end vacuum of 0.5 Torr.  The vacuum booster shall be a positive displacement, roots type.  The booster shall be a bypass design and shall be capable of starting at the same time as the backing pump without detriment to either pump.  The booster shall be sized for 765 CFM free air displacement and shall be air cooled.

HighPurityNorthwest_00033)     The vacuum chamber shall be fabricated from 304 stainless steel and shall contain high dirt loading pleated dispersal elements (6ea.) 6”dia x 22”L as a means to expose the oil to the vacuum dehydration process.  The oil will flow from an inside-to-out flow direction through the dispersal elements and each of these elements will be supported by element cradle rods within the vacuum chamber.  The vacuum chamber shall be a horizontal configuration with a swing bolt style, hinged door with a clear PlexiglasÔ viewing window.  It shall have a vertical oil sump of at least 12” dia. X 30” long with a sight glass.  Proper oil level shall be maintained within this vertical section of the chamber by means of stainless steel level switches that control automated actuation of the inlet and outlet pumps. The vacuum chamber shall include a fiber optic foam control system with solenoid valve and shall be completely automatic.  The vacuum chamber shall include a manual vacuum regulating valve with desiccant air breather as a means of regulating vacuum level.

4)     The system shall include an oil pull over pot fabricated from 304 stainless steel to protect the vacuum pump.  The pull over pot shall include a stainless steel level switch in order to break vacuum and shut the system down if actuated.

5)     Electrical controls and enclosure will be NEMA 4 rated and UL Approved (CUL 508 Stamp).

6)     Electrical components will be protected by circuit breakers. Fuses shall only be used on the control transformer and phase fail circuits.

7)     Inline heaters (128kW total) will be sized at 16kW each and will be a low watt density type with a maximum watt density of <11.5 WPSI. These heaters will have elements that are insulated with a green sand insulation and covered with an aluminum radial fin oil contact sleeve.  A digital type temperature controller with LED temperature and set point display will control the heater and will maintain the oil temperature with a maximum variance of 1°F. The control system will allow activation of the heaters in increments of 32KW.  A high temperature circuit will be provided and designed to shut down the heaters in the event of an electrical component failure in the heater circuit, which will protect the unit from overheating.

8)     The control panel shall include a digital display to communicate system alarms.  Alarms will include; High level Oil, High level Oil Pullover, High Temperature, Low Oil Flow and Dirty Filter Condition for both the inlet and outlet filter.

9)     The control panel will include a digital absolute vacuum gauge.

10)  The system shall include a Doble Domino moisture sensor with display.

11)  The control system will allow an operator to run the entire system in Automatic mode by pushing a single illuminated start button.  The control panel will also include switches that will allow for manual and isolated operation of each oil pump and the vacuum pump. As part of the automatic shutdown sequence, the Vacuum pump will continue to operate for 15 minutes after shutdown to facilitate complete drying of the vacuum pump lubrication system.

12)   The system shall include inlet and outlet filter assemblies.  The assemblies shall be fabricated from carbon steel with swing bolt closures.  The filter assemblies shall accept a Core Less 39″ filter element.  The filter element  shall beMulti layer Dual-Phase Micro-Glass pleated media is certified to be Beta x[c] = 1000 in accordance with ISO 16889.  The filter element shall will include an internal bypass valve set at 45 psi ±5 psi to prevent over pressurizing the filter element when it becomes dirty.  Each filter shall be equipped with a direct reading differential pressure gauge and electrical signal that will communicate dirty filter indication the control panel display when the filter becomes dirty.   An oil sample port, with shutoff device and tubing will be provided upstream of the filter.

13)   The control PLC will control all functions of the system. It will be programmed with a shutdown sequence that initiates a safe shutdown of the system with a continued oil flow without energized heaters to facilitate heat dissipation. The heaters will be controlled by a solid state controller and not relay logic. The control system will incorporate a flow switch that will not allow activation of the heating system without proper oil flow.

14)  The entire system will be thoroughly tested prior to delivery.  The system will be supplied with a one year warranty against defective parts and workmanship.  The system will be primed and then painted with a two part industrial epoxy paint.

15)  The system shall include an inline digital flow meter with totalizer.

16)  The system shall include a Fullers Earth Cartridge Filter Vessel with system isolation valve so that it can be brought online as needed.  The filter vessel shall be fabricated from carbon steel with a swing bolt closure and shall be sized for the full flow of the system and shall accept a minimum of (27) 6″x18″ elements.

17)  The system shall include an oxidation inhibitor injection system.  The injection system shall include a tank and mixer and a means to introduce the oxidation inhibitor into the system.

18)  The system shall be installed in a 24 foot duel axle custom trailer with 7,000 LB axles, electric drum brakes, double doors with hold backs, non-slip floor covering, insulation, LED dome light, baseboard heater with thermostat, roof vent with fan, portable generator, spare tire and office space wall partition.

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