Vacuum dehydrator oil purification systems are commonly used for removing moisture from oil.  These applications include steam turbine lube oil reservoirs, paper machine lube oil reservoirs and hydraulic oil reservoirs and oil recycling systems.  Vacuum dehydration oil purification systems are commonly used for degassing or degasification of oils.

Vacuum dehydration is the only technology available to efficiently degas oils.  Transformer oil or insulating oil is a common use for this technology.  High Purity Northwest specializes in building vacuum oil purification systems for degassing of transformer and insulating oils.  Our equipment quickly and efficiently removes combustible gasses from the oil without the use of expensive vacuum pump packages.   The removal of dissolved gasses, such as hydrogen, methane, ethane, ethylene, acetylene, carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitrogen is paramount successfully degassing transformer and insulating oils.  Our systems are built for in-plant use as well as trailer systems for remote substation  requirements.

High Purity Northwest has extensive knowledge and experience in using vacuum oil purifier equipment technology for removing, or degassing, lubricating oils.  Harmful gasses break down the oil’s viscosity.  We work with our clients in chemical plants, oil refineries and gas production to remove these gasses from the lube oil, thus maximizing the oil’s life and protecting the rotating equipment.  In the case of hydrogen sulfide, we have a unique technology whereby we capture the H2S before it reaches the vacuum pump, thus protecting the vacuum pump from these gasses.  By extending the life of both the equipment and the oil, we save our clients money in maintenance, repair and replacement costs of their rotating pumps and compressors.  We also are doing our part to be good stewards of the environment by maximizing oil life.

Another means by which our equipment helps protect our environment is by using this same technology to  recycle oil.  We have used our oil recycling systems in pyrolysis or tire oil, quench oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil and various metal working fluids.

The bottom line is that when oil degassing equipment is needed, High Purity Northwest has the knowledge and experience to supply well built equipment with your budget in mind.


  1. December 9, 2014 at 11:36 am

    I have an application for vacuum degassers to remove ammonia from oil out of a oil injected ammonia screw compressor. Could you provide a brochure or a technical paper on your vacuum oil purifier degassing unit and its capability to remove ammonia?
    Wahid Sheik
    Process Engineer Ammonia Project
    Salalah Methanol Company

    • November 3, 2015 at 2:03 pm

      Please email us your requirements.

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