Bag Filter Sizing from High Purity Northwest

Liquid bag filtration is one of the most common ways of removing contamination from liquids. Housings are available in various materials. Bags are available in a variety of materials and efficiencies. And, it is generally a low cost option. Bag filters are commonly used for water filtration. Bag filters are also used as coolant and oil filtration, paints and other high viscous liquids.

UntitledIt is important to size the bag filter properly to the application. Most bag filter manufactures advertise flow rates without the bag. It is important to note that adding a bag greatly reduces the rated flow rate of the housing. For instance, we show a #2 bag filter housing’s nominal flow rate to be 220 GPM. Install a 5 micron filter bag and the recommended flow drops to 80 GPM, with a 1.76 PSID pressure drop.

By using the chart and table on our bag filter page, you can determine the pressure drop at any given flow.  Most applications call for a clean pressure drop to be less than 2 PSID. If you are filtering liquids other than water you need to also account for the fluid’s viscosity which you will find on the same table referenced above.

Please contact us with your application information and we will assist you in sizing a proper bag filter housing. We will want to know the level of filtration and efficiency desired, the liquid we are filtering, system pressure, temperature and flow rate. We have standard economy filter bags, high efficiency filter bags, eco friendly bags, extended life filter bags and multi-layered filter bags.

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