Our most recent trailer mounted oil purification system we built was 15 GPM vacuum dehydration / degassing system was simple and budget friendly. Our customer did not need anything elaborate, just a small cargo trailer system that could be pulled by a pickup truck to purify insulating oil in distribution transformers.


We built a 15 GPM system with 48 KW low watt density heaters, pre and post filtration down to 3 micron absolute, a Doble Domino and hose reels installed in a no frills cargo trailer.

Untitled1We then added a simple 180 CFM single stage, 0.5 Torr, vacuum pump to pull vacuum on the transformer. It has its own control box and can be operated independently of the vacuum oil purifier.

Our standard control package includes manual or automatic operation. Automatic operation is one push button start and stop. The vacuum dehydrator starts itself and maintains proper vacuum chamber oil level automatically. Manual mode allows the operator to start and stop pumps and heaters manually. All alarm functions are communicated on a backlit LCD screen. Other control panel features include an absolute digital vacuum gauge, amp meter, phase reversal switch, E-stop, digital temperature controller with high temperature alarm and main disconnect.

Untitled2This robust powerful mobile transformer oil purifier was well below $100K. An excellent value considering that the vacuum chamber, piping and condensate pot are all stainless steel. We use high pressure, leak proof, stainless steel hydraulic tubing. Our filters are a robust carbon steel with high dirt loading 39″ coreless microglass media filter elements. Coreless elements offer the best long term value. With shipping rates increasing annually, the coreless elements are much lighter than conventional filter elements, thus less expensive to ship.   Disposal is much easier as well. Our systems come standard with an automatic, fiber optic, foam control system. Should you get into some wet oil, the foam control system will break vacuum so the foam dissipates. We offer many standard features that our competitors charge extra for.

So, if you are on a budget and need a powerful trailer system, give us a call.

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